Saturday, January 21, 2017

Lau Ya Keng (阳春台 or 上帝庙 Foodcourt)

Lau Ya Keng in the morning where they serve Sarawak Laksa, Pork Noodles, Fish Ball Noodles. Unfortunately, this time we were too early for Pork Satay!! I guess we have no luck with the satay.

Sarawak Laksa (RM6)

We only had the regular laksa, you can always add on prawns or scallops for the premium version. One piece of scallop goes for RM10-15 if I'm not mistaken, but can't really add on if I've never tried to original, right? It was overall alright, but the broth isn't as flavourful as the one we had at Chong Choon Cafe.

Fish Ball Noodles

It is great for those who aren't feeling too well! Because it's really bland, but this noodle has really little oil, so it's great for those who wants something clear to start their day.

The pork noodles is very different from KL's version. They use Kolok Mee noodles - well they serve Kolok Mee too so this is another variation of it. Unlike in Klang Valley where the broth is really flavourful, theirs is very flat and just chicken stock kind of taste. This was the only item all of us did not enjoy. However, the pork they serve in the soup is super generous!!

Some popiah stall next to the shop - it's not what you think it is, it tasted a bit like satay. There's peanut sauce inside with crushed peanuts too, not the regular popiah you get in Klang Valley.

So sad we did not get to try the pork satay actually :(

Lau Ya Keng Foodcourt
19, Lebuh Carpenter
93000 Kuching

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