Saturday, January 7, 2017

Plzeňská Restaurace

A traditional Czech Restaurant we went to in the heart of Prague's Old Town.

The mandatory bread before serving anything else. Don't get me wrong - their bread is always good to go with their soup of the day!

Traditional Czech Vegetable Soup - it is somewhat similar to Chinese's ABC soup with extra cream and other herbs like parsley.

Countries around that region are popular for knuckles. Czech knuckles are not as great as German's though. It's nicely roasted, looks beautiful just like German's... but...

It is not tender at all!!! It's is soooo hard and touch seriously one should just hold the end of the bone and bite it with their teeth instead of cutting!! Too much hassle. We thought it was the restaurant but no, it's their version of knuckles. The version we had at U Supa was similar - really tough, unlike German knuckles which is very crispy and juicy. Our taste lean towards the majority crowd - we love German knuckles more.

We tried our best to rip everything apart. But really, no knuckles are as great as German knuckles.

Czech Roasted Duck Bohemian Style - it is very similar to turkey, duck on a bed of sweet cabbage, herbs, sauce and dumplings.

Czech Apple Struddle.

I find it really difficult to differentiate Apple Struddels by region. They all pretty much taste the same!! This version has really strong cinnamon though - something I never really liked. Perhaps I need to learn more about their desserts!

Some people may thing this place is too touristy - but hey, I am a tourist and I'm not familiar with Czech food. I've enjoyed it especially with some performances and music, but if I ever set to search for Czech food I probably would choose something else to compare.This place is great for you to grab traditional Czech meals - they have a lot of other choices too. It's not a must to visit, but it's an ideal place for Czech traditional meals right in Old Town itself.

Plzenska Restaurace
Republiky 5
110 00 Praha
Czech Republic
Opening Hours
Daily 11.30am - 11pm

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