Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Restoran Kee V 卫记辣汤之家

Bittergourd and Salted Egg (RM11.50)

This is one of my favourite whenever I visit a Chinese Restaurant, but not many can cook it up well. Kee V's version is very soft - it is not crispy at all which may not be of everyone's likings which includes mine. I always love it crispy like fries. 

Sweet Potato Leaf (RM9)

We all think that they could reduce the amount of oil.. Just take a look at the layer of oil....

"Hot Soup" / In Cantonese: Lat Tong *if you translate to English it literally means Spicy Soup (RM15.50)
It's basically pepper based soup with meat inside. This reminded me of Singapore's BKT where herbs and sauce is limited and they only use white pepper. Their version is mild, not too spicy which is great for everyone to eat. If you want it spicier you should let them know.

Meat Spring Rolls (RM12)

This reminds me of Penang Loh Bak.

"Spicy Meat" / In Cantonese: Foh Bao Yuk *if you translate to English it literally means Fire Exploding Meat??? Hilarious. (RM15.50)

It's basically claypot meat with a hint of spicy chilli and it's super good with rice. It's a little salty too, but if it isn't salty it wouldn't be good to have with rice.

Chicken with Rice Wine (RM15.50)

Quite similar to the previous dish, but it's chicken instead of pork. Despite looking pretty much the same, the taste is different because you can taste the Chicken Rice Wine in this dish. That makes it really fragrant and no you don't get it in the pork dish.

Food is average, with some hits and misses. Unfortunately, it wasn't great enough to attract us to travel 40 minutes all the way for it. Don't get me wrong, the food isn't bad, all in all as in an overall package, it's normal food to cater the neighbourhood. All of us did not think that their famous "Lat Tong" was amazing.

Likes: Very much cheaper food compared to KL City Centre's Chinese Restaurants. Spicy meat was one of the better dishes.
Dislikes: 30 minutes, and can go up to an hour depending on traffic. Food is just average.
Other Info: Heard the original branch is actually more popular. Might recommend to find the other branch instead of this one at Pearl Avenue... Perhaps the quality is different across all branches?

Restoran Kee V 
Pearl Avenue
No. 50A, Japan Pasir Emas
Sg. Chua Kajang
43000 Selangor

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