Monday, January 2, 2017

Tigerstreats Malaysia

Tigerstreats is a pop up event of a collaboration between fine dining, street food and beer. Two famous chefs to cater a whole warehouse of people!

I came partially for Chef Ramsay (well it's a bonus to have him around since I've still yet to try Babe), but mainly for Hawker Chan's soy chicken, simply because going to Singapore just for a chicken is a little too far!

This event is actually pretty good one to introduce Tiger Beer to general public. Prior to this event, Tiger is only Tiger, I'm not a beer person so it did not occur to me that there are different kinds of Tiger beer, the Tiger Radley and Tiger White were available for us that night.

Few things I did no enjoy at the event - 1) the lighting which is too dark 2) the portable toilets were disgusting, absolutely disgusting and unclassy - pure stinky, no tissue, no water 3) the venue is rather odd which is far from the city and any possible transport. Uber / Grab came in handy for us and the walk to the exit takes about 3-5 minutes?

Down The Rabbit Hole

I don't think I want to down another rabbit hole. Cold curry in the cylinder.

Chef's Ramsay creation, but I find it a little too adventurous for me - downing two shots of curry isn't my kind of thing.

Laksa Injections - pretty great idea, as you may already know, there are different kinds of laksa based on the location.

As much as it's fancy, we Malaysians still love our Laksa the traditional style, simple and warm. These injections did not stand out as much to wow us.

Soya Sauce Chicken

The long awaited dish - the One Star Michelin Hawker Chan's creation.

I didn't think the chicken was great, what turned me on was the chicken skin and the sauce. The chicken is just any regular chicken, it did not absorb the sauce so not much flavours there. The skin is the one that absorbed most of the herb flavours - very strong smell of Star Anise! The herbs used in this dish makes the sauce really fragrant. Unfortunately because it was mass produced, the chicken was already chilled for too long before serving.

Perhaps it's very different at Babe. I guess I like my Malaysian food the way it is. Sorry Chef.

While Hawker Chan definitely scored the crowd for the night!

Also, there are plenty of street food booths around the area. From hoppers to ice cream to fried cempedak.

It never occur to me that there is a cempedak ice cream inside! I thought it was the entire cempedak fruit.

Unfortunately, I did not try most of the booths as I had to leave early for another party. Nevertheless, I left as a happy girl with the ice cream on both hands! Hope to visit another event like this with lesser shortcomings!

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