Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Uber Turkey

Remember #UberTwelve event by Uber Malaysia over Christmas? They were giving out freebies for 12 days - I've been trying for cupcakes, SPG hotel vouchers, Star Wars movie tickets... None of which I've managed to win any. But right on Christmas Day itself, which is also my birthday, I managed to request a free TURKEY all to myself! You have got to be kidding me, I woke up at 10.57am, requested at 11am on the dot and got it!

It was a good start to my birthday - thank you Uber for the birthday gift! There are only 30 sets provided by The Bowery Group. 

In the box, there's the turkey itself - oh noes, it looks like an L size turkey! Two boxes of gravy, including the really fragrant turkey brown sauce and cranberry jam. The stuffing is nicely wrapped with foil.

All of us enjoyed the turkey - it is very very juicy and boy the seasoning and roast is just nice! We reheated it in the oven for a couple of minutes as we received the turkey in the morning, it may be a little too cold for dinner. The breast meat is still very tender and succulent even after reheating it. The stuffing I usually avoid eating because it's mushy and disgusting, but theirs was perfect, it was a little soft and not super strong herb smell which makes it edible. As for the sauce - we kept it for roast chicken because it's that good! 

I recall receiving turkeys past couple of years as a Christmas gift, but none was memorable. If you're thinking of booking turkey - get it from  Bowery Petit!

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