Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Yook Pal Pal

Thou shalt not penalise the place based on one visit. Despite the shitty service we received about a year ago, we decided to try it again. Perhaps they have already changed the management.

The place was full - it was so packed and they do not have enough staffs. Well - that's not really my problem to take care of, right?

It took them 30 minutes to clear the table, get us seated, pass us the menu and took the order. 30 minutes, how efficient. But that's bearable too, since the place was packed. 

The food quality was mediocre - for a hefty price tag. A portion of Beef Bulgogi? RM60. 

Well, seems fair since the portion is for two - the meat portion was very little though, good enough for one. It looks a lot because of the vegetables, but not the meat. I can finish this entire plate all by myself and still have room for other food.

Kimchi Jeon? RM28. I don't even see much ingredients inside. RM28 for flour? Really?

The table is quite huge - the long table and we had a party of 5. We got really tired passing side dishes from left to right then back to left. We requested for another set of side dishes but the waiter REFUSED to serve. Party of 2 gets the same amount, party of 5 gets the same too - I think a nursery kid could do better math, no?

I had to speak to the manager to ask him how much sense does it make for us to pass our food around - and after a few founds of going back and forth, they finally brought another set. That waiter who refused our request, was very angry at us and kept showing us that irritated face. Is this the service that they charge?

We liked the idea of steamed egg at the side, the ox tongue was too thick though. Nothing really memorable after the second visit and I vouch never to come back again.

Their service is so horrible, I want to puke. What's the point of serving good side dishes and being so innovative but your staffs are spoiling the customer experience? I don't know, you're charging premium prices for lack of service. I would certainly not recommend this lousy place to anybody. Afterall, most Korean places in Ampang are not great, including Yook Pal Pal.

Go to Po Cha Ampang, just around the corner, which serves better food and service is definitely much friendlier.

Yook Pal Pal
1 - G, Jalan Excella 1
Taman Ampang Hilir
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 11.30am - 3pm; 5pm - 10pm

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