Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Rikyu 莉玖

Newly crowned as One Star Michelin, Chef Tsukasa Yamaguchi runs the show in Rikyu serving Kaiseki dishes. I've also noticed that he does not repeat his dishes.

We got a friend who stays in Osaka to pre-book it for us a month ahead. You may want to get your hotel's concierge to do that for you, as they speak very minimal English. I thought of trying different sets but I guess I got the ¥3000 6 course lunch. If I am not mistaken, they have courses priced at ¥5000 and ¥7000. I would suggest to go for the best.

#1 - Scallops, bruseel sprouts, field mustard, red onion and miso sauce

#2 - Flounder & lightly torched barracuda sashimi 

A close up - wasabi is freshly grated!

This lightly torched barracuda is so good that I had to take another shot of it! 

#3 - Clear sea bream soup

It is served with mushroom and rice cake. So super duper sweet I almost fainted.. If only they served a pot instead of a small bowl!

#4 - Highlight for the meal - a good mixture of teriyaki Yellowtail, fluffliest tempura of lotus root, cauliflower, cutlass fish and Jap parsley, soybean, more field mustard, and some other greens I have no clue what are those. Field mustard seems to be quite commonly used.

#5 - The staple. No Japanese meal is complete without rice. In this case, they served porridge with sesame and some pickles.

#6 - Jelly and green tea biscuit.

Always a must to serve tea with sweets!

The chef was extremely courteous and even carried my luggage bags all the way to the door till we left!! Thank you Chef, will definitely return for another meal if I visit Osaka!!

Picture with the chef!

Please note that you need to reserve in advance. Not sure if they take walk-ins, which they appear to look like they don't. There are also very limited seats in the restaurant.

Likes: Quaint, small place, friendly, very good dishes, excellent service though they speak little English.
Dislikes: None.

Rikyu 莉玖
1 Chome−7−12
Osaka Japan
Click on this site for more information.

Monday, February 27, 2017

O.K. Imbi Claypot Seafood Congee

Thai Style Chicken Feet (RM10)

Very crunchy, sourish and slighly spicy. Great appetite opener! 

Omelette with Preserved Radish (RM12)

Tad bit salty - it's meant to go with rice or porridge.

Fish Head (RM15)

Seems to be the dish they are trying their best to sell - which is not something I will order again. The fish head is chopped into pieces and the bones are practically everywhere, each bite seems to be so tiring. I would prefer fish head to come up bigger pieces / in full size.

Steamed Chicken - Half (RM33)

Vegetable (RM15)

Likes: Great tai chow - generally food are above average. Price is actually reasonable for 5 pax. Open till late, if you need a place for supper.
Dislikes: Parking is a nightmare.

P/S: Malaysians are confusing people. There is Onn Kee just next to OK, which sell practically the same food (famous for porridge / congee), and there is another OK in Pudu that sells curry fish head. Note that this is OK in Imbi - not Onn Kee Imbi or OK Pudu.

O.K. Imbi
53-3, Jalan Barat
53100 Kuala Lumpur

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Putien 莆田

Putien has a Michelin Star in Singapore, and it makes you wonder if they are the same in terms of standards. Because if it is, this is possibly the worst Michelin star in history. 

Spinach with Salted and Century Egg (RM18.90)

Soup that came with the set for 2-3 pax.

Sweet & Sour Pork with Lychee (RM19.90)

Lychee? There's no taste at all. Trying to be all fancy with lychee, but they can't even get the pork right - it wasn't crunchy at all.

Stir-Fried Yam (RM12.90)

This was alright but wasn't crunchy.

Putien Style Century Egg (RM10.90)

This was alright, something different but it's basically Thai inspired.

Steamed Prawns with Minced Garlic (RM29.90)

The most pathetic prawns ever. Tiniest prawns and the cost of it is not even RM5. These are so super small!! Such an embarrassment to even serve it. Shame on you Putien.

On top of that, their staff's entire thumb went INTO the dish, soaking the thumb into the plate of soy sauce. We notified the manager but she refused to do anything about it or even offer to remove from the bill. What disgusting hygiene level is that, you figure out.

Mazu Mee Sua (RM18.90)

Fail. The noodles were too soft, all broken into small bits and pieces. I really can't believe they served this.

Service was practically non-existent. I had to clear my own dishes, staff served dishes without even clearing them and we had to hold it for them. They left immediately without collecting dishes we were holding for them. Finger goes into our food, staffs are rude, staffs never attended to us despite signalling 5 times or more, we had to queue for our bill for 15 minutes and they dare to charge us for service charge????? What kind of logic is this I can't brain.

Likes: Practically none
Dislikes: Fake pretentious Chinese food, hygiene issues (finger goes into the food and manager refuses to do anything about it), non-existent service, not up to par food, food was served lukewarm to cold - was left on the counter for a long time

First and last time to this overrated Putien. Michelin star? Please, even a five foot way tai chow is better than this so-called Michelin. This is so bad that I will never ever return to this place who scams their customers. Grand Imperial is just two shops away which serves better quality real Chinese food.

Putien 莆田 1 Utama 
Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya
47800 Selangor
Opening Hours
Daily 11.30am - 4.30pm; 5.30pm - 9.30pm
Putien's Page
Putien on Facebook

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Cha Cha Pan Mee

Cha Cha Pan Mee Soup (RM8.00) + Egg (RM1.50)

The soup was alright, the pinched noodles were fine though rather tasteless. But it was alright overall. At least the soup tasted alright. MSG is definitely being used in it though - very thirsty after food.

We all know the ingredients in panmee should be the more expensive items, eg. sliced pork, minced pork with sliced mushrooms, black fungus. But here, they used minced pork because it's cheap (you don't know what's being minced, obviously it's full of fats and not proper meat?), no sliced meat because it's expensive, the cheapest meatballs you can get in the market for 10 cents each, fried fuchuk/beancurd skin because it's cheap and no this is not a usual item served with Pan Mee soup.

Where is the fungus and mushroom? Clearly it was too expensive and they chose the cheaper ingredients. This is also another reason why their Pan Mee is so bland, they can't be bothered to include proper ingredients.

Cha Cha Pan Mee Dry (RM8.00) + Egg (RM1.50)

The dry version one was pure bland. It looks colourful, but the entire bowl was absolutely tasteless. If it wasn't for the chilli this bowl would be so difficult to eat; I consider this as an achievement to finish even half of it. Not to mention, dry version normally comes WITH the egg but we had to pay for it!

Also, RM8.00 is not a cheap price in a coffeeshop, it's slightly more expensive than usual shops, and yet they don't serve it with the right ingredients. You know, people don't mind paying RM8 or 9 or 10  per bowl, if you provide with better ingredients. RM8 for a bowl of bland crap, usually contributes to the value of the item. I'm very happy to pay RM10 a bowl of noodle at YE Traditional - it's slightly smaller portion but hey at least they didn't "remove" ingredients because they are expensive.

Meatballs (RM3.50)

These are the lousiest and cheapest meatballs you can find in the market - say for about 10/15 cents each? And they charge 5 times more in the shop. Please don't order.

We waited for about 45 minutes, when the table next to us only waited for less than 10 minutes. Just not sure why is their system so confusing. 

They tried their very best to keep up to competitors Kin Kin / Super Kitchen, but sadly they are not up to par. 

With such long wait and mediocre food plus cheap ingredients, I will never return. At least Kin Kin / Super Kitchen tastes a lot better. Also, it's not like their service is good either. Not friendly, just wanted to complete their job (which is totally fine since this isn't any fine dining setting). But at least have the courtesy to be nicer to your angry and hungry customers who waited for almost an hour!

Likes: Convenient if you're in the area
Dislikes: Food quality very bad, using the lowest ingredients just for their own profit. Not authentic pan mee ingredients and the price did not justify the food they served. Waiting time can go up to an hour, for below average quality. Parking is a nightmare.

Cha Cha Pan Mee
36, Jalan PJU 1/43
Aman Suria
Petaling Jaya
47301 Selangor
Opening Hours
Daily 9.30am - 9.30pm

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Friday, February 24, 2017


This was our initial plan - Endo Sushi. It's a far 1.5km walk from the station and when we finally got to the shop at about 10am, the queue was that long. This might also delay our journey to Kobe, so we have decided to forgo it. I didn't think it was worth visiting - this place is some wholesale fish market, not for tourists and this row of shops is just in the middle of no where.

We decided to go to this small shop just 2-3 doors away from Endo. They don't even have a name in English alphabets.

We ordered simple food for breakfast - Inari Sushi. Rice wasn't compact, it fell all over the place.

Sushi breakfast set - for about ¥2500? It came with a small bowl of noodle. The fish cuts were fresh, the prawn was my favourite.

P/S: Green tea is free for everyone. This is how it should be! Sadly in Malaysia, even a glass of water is comes with a price tag now.

Likes: Small place, fresh seafood, very friendly people, affordable, reasonable price and portion
Dislikes: Rice falling all over the place

Osaka Fish Market

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Breakfast Thieves

Visited sometime in August - since it was the latest hype. It's the branch out from the popular Breakfast Thieves in Melbourne. I've never been to the branch in Melbourne so I can't really compare. 

Mr. Terry Benedict (RM29)

Food - they did not disappoint. Fancy looking cafe food with a price tag. Well it's just toast and strawberries... The price is a little high, but people are willing to pay for it as it's really pretty.

My French Lady (RM26)

What put me off was the diarrhea after visiting this place. Both of us had diarrhea for 5 days and we had to take day off from work because of their food. It was definitely from their store, as the both of us had it just hours after dining here. That was the only meal we had together in the last 2 days. What are the odds that the both of us had diarrhea the same time, just couple hours after dining there? The cramps were so bad we could not even leave house. She vomitted, I went to the toilet at least 3 times every hour. 

I had personally tried to get in touch with the business so that are aware that this happened, but they refused to accept responsibility and wish my speedy recover. So what does that mean? Are you trying to say that we accused you? I wouldn't have been so mad if they took every step to ensure that we don't turn to be angry customers. Really bad PR, I would say. On top of that, going around telling others that we are making a big fuss did not help. One of the managing partners contacted me personally asking what they could improve on, the answer is cleanliness and PR. If it did not occur to any other customers it does not mean it did not cause us the trouble. Improve on your PR and don't tell customers it's not your fault. Man up and bear the consequences, that's part and parcel of F&B. Don't turn us away and cause us to be angrier and then we will definitely make it big. Try to settle the issue there and then. Being arrogant just because your place is popular? That's a huge no.

P/S: RM13 for the really diluted orange juice where the glass is no bigger than a typical 200ml glass. Worth it? Nah. I don't even know if their ice is clean. I'm so scared that this will happen again, will definitely not return to this place ever again. I was just about to introduce this to everyone that I know to visit, till the diarrhea visited plus terrible reply from their PR team. Goodbye and good luck.

Likes: Beautiful plate and place, very instagrammable
Dislikes: Dirty - diarrhea effect, expensive and not justifiable (Orange juice as tall as my iPhone 6 and half of it filled with ice for RM13???), very bad PR team to handle problems, no proper pest control (mozzie).

Breakfast Thieves APW Bangsar  
Lot M, 29-5 Jalan Riong
Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 9am - 5pm
Closed on Mondays
Breakfast Thieves' Page
Breakfast Thieves' Facebook

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Noodle House Kopitiam

Fish Head Noodle (RM10)

I never knew that there is a Chinese Kopitiam right at the upper floor of Pertama Complex. There are not many Chinese food around the area, hence it explains the crowd. It is usually very packed during weekdays, especially on working days. I did not really like the fish head noodles - the fried fish was really, really unfresh. I'm guessing they picked all the unfresh fish and sell them as fried. Get the fresh ones if you insist. Avoid the fried fish.

Pork Noodle (RM10)

Their special item, which uses the fish head noodle soup too, minus the milk. It carries a bit of Chinese Rice Wine in it, which is actually very fragrant. Very good idea for this bowl - however it's really expensive. RM10 for pork noodles, I've never actually paid anything more than RM8 for Kopitiam standards.

Likes: Broth isn't too bad. I like the hint of Chinese Rice Wine in it.
Dislikes: Unfresh fried fish. Expensive portion. Very, very thirsty after eating.

Noodle House Kopitiam
Lot 2.27, 2.28, Tingkat 2,
Kompleks Pertama
Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman
Chow Kit, 50100 Kuala Lumpur

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