Friday, February 24, 2017


This was our initial plan - Endo Sushi. It's a far 1.5km walk from the station and when we finally got to the shop at about 10am, the queue was that long. This might also delay our journey to Kobe, so we have decided to forgo it. I didn't think it was worth visiting - this place is some wholesale fish market, not for tourists and this row of shops is just in the middle of no where.

We decided to go to this small shop just 2-3 doors away from Endo. They don't even have a name in English alphabets.

We ordered simple food for breakfast - Inari Sushi. Rice wasn't compact, it fell all over the place.

Sushi breakfast set - for about ¥2500? It came with a small bowl of noodle. The fish cuts were fresh, the prawn was my favourite.

P/S: Green tea is free for everyone. This is how it should be! Sadly in Malaysia, even a glass of water is comes with a price tag now.

Likes: Small place, fresh seafood, very friendly people, affordable, reasonable price and portion
Dislikes: Rice falling all over the place

Osaka Fish Market

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