Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Canarian Cuisine

What to know if you are visiting Gran Canaria? Canaria is very much down south, near Western Sahara. It's quite far from actual Spain but yes Canary Islands is part of Spain. However, their food is not the same as what you see in Barcelona.

Expect to see lots of fish and potatoes in the menu - these are the two things which are quite common. Another thing to lookout for is MOJO SAUCE! There are two types of Mojo Sauce, the red and the green.

The Red Mojo Sauce is often eaten with meat, bread and potatoes, while the Green Mojo sauce is usually eaten with fish. Click here for more samples.

Mojo sauce can be found is most places - from street shops to Carrefour. It's even more common compared to ketchup. They also have range of  Red Mojo sauce by spicy level - which for my level, it isn't spicy at all. You can also find other items like Spanish Ham, Sangria and other Spanish products but these are not as unique / worth talking about.

I have not seen any Mojo sauces anywhere else in Europe except for Canary Islands. Do grab a few more tubs if you really love it!

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