Sunday, February 19, 2017

Cooked by Joon

The reason why I order delivery food so often is because the nearest place to dine is at least 200m walk. That's not far - but it is if it's raining / burning hot. We have a regular Mamak delivery, but we can't be having that everyday. Here I am, looking for different choices from time to time. Cooked was then recommended by a friend. From their pictures, they look super appetising.

Boy, just look at the Penyet! I would think that the quality could match Dapur Penyet.

BUT I WAS WRONG. This is not Ayam Penyet - it's deep fried chicken with curry leaves. Disgusting raw and old looking vegetables that were obviously about to turn yellow.

And you think the Oven Peri Peri is better than Nandos? Please.

You wish. You're only getting 1/4 of what you're seeing okay? I have magic powers and I shall wave my wand so you'll get just a pathetic piece that is no bigger than your palm.

Taste? It is worse than someone who's cooking for the first time. Seriously. The chicken tasted funny too - smelt like it was going to turn bad. Oh and look at the colour of the overcooked frozen vegetables!

Now let's look at the RM24 salmon.

RATION THAT PIECE OF SALMON. DON'T FEED TOO MUCH TO THE CUSTOMER. FEED HIM WITH MORE MASHIE. P/S: The potato cubes were from the Peri Chicken. Colleague didn't want too much of it so she moved it to the salmon bowl.

Butter chicken. Looks fantastic isn't it? The creamy white-ish yogurt butter chicken...

THAT LOOKS AND TASTES NOTHING LIKE ONE. Just merely 5-6 cubes of chicken, no larger than a marble (guli). What butter, it's just regular curry chicken!!!

Seriously their food is an ultimate failure, none of the dishes were up to par. All of if were so bad, that none of my colleagues liked their food. Please, for the love of God, please do not order from Cooked. This is what they deliver. Please, save those calories and money. Even though you may argue that pictures are just for illustration, which truly is - but it can't be that far off!! And the portion certainly did not match the price!! If the food costs no more than RM10, I wouldn't have complained since it's cheap, which is expected quality. But hello, these boxes are not cheap, and that kinda crap they serve? I just can't. I totally fell for their gimmick.

Please click here for Cooked's site, don't get cheated as well. Their pictures are all fake. This is a one off order, will never order from them ever again. EVER. Just don't.

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