Friday, February 17, 2017

Ichiran Ramen 一蘭

We tried to queue at Dotonbori's Ichiran - there are two branches, one along the arcade area, the other is along the river. Absolutely zero luck in getting a seat - the queue was super long, at least 50 people ahead of us!! So we decided to visit Umeda's branch the next day.

The queue was short at about 6pm, only 4-5 people in front of us. We waited for only around 10 minutes. Can't imagine if I had waited at Dotonbori.

There's a vending machine where you select your noodles, pay the money and continue to queue.

We were handed this sheet of paper, basically instructions of how we like our food. Pretty cool eh!

The one thing I regretted was not being greedy. I've only selected pork to add, but I should have added seaweed, mushrooms, garlic, and whatnot simply to make it prettier :P

Call this overrated or whatever you want to label it, the product itself is still good! Don't forget to opt for the chilli paste - which I think regular is sufficient. Double scoop destroys the flavours of the soup as it is really spicy!

Likes: Yummy broth, simple and clear cut, has English instructions.
Dislikes: Long queue, but that's not the fault of the business. They's just that good.

Ichiran Ramen 一蘭
Japan, 〒530-0027
Osaka Prefecture
Doyamacho, 3−13
Opening Hours
Daily 24 Hours

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