Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kobe Beef Ramen 神戸牛拉麺 915

Kobe Beef Ramen Extra Large - ¥2000

Kobe Beef Ramen Regular - ¥1000

I thought that the beef did not tell me much that I'm having a Kobe. It was not marbled, very thinly sliced, and it's a lie if I say it melts in the mouth. It did not. It was too thinly sliced you won't even be able to tell what kind of beef is that. I thought it's too pricey for such average standard and only two super thinly sliced beef. Also, the noodles were not memorable either - tastes too floury.

The noodles are served with raw beef and the perfect Ajitsuke Tamago. Japanese takes their eggs really seriously!

The broth is poured in front of us, I guess this is the "mini show" for this shop. One thing I realise, restaurants in Japan loves to offer shows which is really innovative!

Kobe Beef Curry Rice ¥1600

I find the curry rice to be a letdown. But I could be biased because I dislike Japanese curry anyway. Very few curry rice I would say is up to my expectations. I just didn't like the taste of it.

Overall, I thought it the food were just alright, but not a place I would return as their food quality did not have any wow factor, apart from the name. How can I trust them to spend more on their steaks or any other pricier food when the cheap ones are merely just average? Nevertheless, it's just how I felt about it.

P/S: As I was about to publish it after the long story, I did a quick search on other people's photos of this place and noticed that hey, my beef isn't the same quality as others. Check this page out! Picture below taken from the site. This looks nothing like the one we had! What an obvious difference and it makes me wonder if they are cheating their consumers, piftt.


Likes: Reasonable portion. Sweet broth. Friendly service.
Dislikes: False advertising of beef. The portion of beef was certainly too tiny as compared to what we saw online. Also, the kobe beef wasn't marbled at all, not sure if they are even using top grade Kobe beef to begin with.

Kobe Beef Ramen 神戸牛拉麺 915
7-13 Souemoncho, Chuo Ward
Osaka, Osaka Prefecture
Opening Hours
Daily 11.30am - 11pm

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