Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Rikyu 莉玖

Newly crowned as One Star Michelin, Chef Tsukasa Yamaguchi runs the show in Rikyu serving Kaiseki dishes. I've also noticed that he does not repeat his dishes.

We got a friend who stays in Osaka to pre-book it for us a month ahead. You may want to get your hotel's concierge to do that for you, as they speak very minimal English. I thought of trying different sets but I guess I got the ¥3000 6 course lunch. If I am not mistaken, they have courses priced at ¥5000 and ¥7000. I would suggest to go for the best.

#1 - Scallops, bruseel sprouts, field mustard, red onion and miso sauce

#2 - Flounder & lightly torched barracuda sashimi 

A close up - wasabi is freshly grated!

This lightly torched barracuda is so good that I had to take another shot of it! 

#3 - Clear sea bream soup

It is served with mushroom and rice cake. So super duper sweet I almost fainted.. If only they served a pot instead of a small bowl!

#4 - Highlight for the meal - a good mixture of teriyaki Yellowtail, fluffliest tempura of lotus root, cauliflower, cutlass fish and Jap parsley, soybean, more field mustard, and some other greens I have no clue what are those. Field mustard seems to be quite commonly used.

#5 - The staple. No Japanese meal is complete without rice. In this case, they served porridge with sesame and some pickles.

#6 - Jelly and green tea biscuit.

Always a must to serve tea with sweets!

The chef was extremely courteous and even carried my luggage bags all the way to the door till we left!! Thank you Chef, will definitely return for another meal if I visit Osaka!!

Picture with the chef!

Please note that you need to reserve in advance. Not sure if they take walk-ins, which they appear to look like they don't. There are also very limited seats in the restaurant.

Likes: Quaint, small place, friendly, very good dishes, excellent service though they speak little English.
Dislikes: None.

Rikyu 莉玖
1 Chome−7−12
Osaka Japan
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