Monday, February 13, 2017

Youshokuya Kichi Kichi キチキチ

Chef Yukimura Motokichi is no stranger to the internet. Everybody recognises his Omu Rice as the best in Kyoto. 

Being that typical travel/food planner, I've decided to a thorough research online to see what I must eat. It was a very short trip so I had to narrow my choices and be very selective about it. I made a booking through their website and it was easy since they have it in English.

There are only 8 seats, so reservation runs out pretty quickly. Luckily for us, we managed to get two seats for dinner.

The show was fantastic - from chopping the ingredients, frying the rice like a professional, showing us how to craft that super wobbly egg. Lastly, the "saltbae" tactic - sprinkling the garnishing.

He doesn't speak English, probably very little but he makes us feel very comfortable with his smile. His passion for his job is indescribable!

The large and small rice mould. 

Small Omu Rice (¥1450)

The pretty Omu Rice that everyone raves of. Unfortunately, I didn't think it was up to expectations. The rice was overly bitter and the egg was rather flat and tasteless. If it wasn't for the sauce, I don't think I can finish the food. The only reason to order this was the show... I was also feeling lucky that I did not order the large.

Beef Stew (¥3100)

This dish was surprisingly more worthy than the famous Omu Rice. The beef is precooked and kept in the fridge. If we order, he would take the beef out from the container and cook it with the sauce for a while before serving it with vegetables. The beef is seriously tender!

Soup of the day (‎¥650)

Just creamy corn soup.

I don't think I would recommend this place if you're into the food. But if you're quite relaxed with food quality and just want the dining experience, this is the place to be.

Likes: Great show by the chef. Staffs are very friendly Able to book online without any trouble.
Dislikes:The ever famous Omu Rice, wasn't as good as expected despite being so pretty. The rice was somewhat overly bitter.

Youshokuya Kichi Kichi キチキチ
Japan, 〒604-8017 Kyoto Prefecture
Nakagyo Ward
Opening Hours
Lunch 12pm - 2pm
Dinner 5pm - 9pm
Kichi Kichi's Page
*Please note that you need to book in advance, it's a small place and they are always packed.

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