Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bar B Q Plaza

Supreme Mixed Set (RM44.90)

Favourite place to visit during college days - it used to be a luxury back then... I haven't visited for years, and have noticed a couple of changes apart from the price. 

Sauces are now available on the table itself - where chillies and garlic are really unfresh because it had been chopped for a long time (it's blackish....), and the brown sauce tasted very different from what I remembered it to be.. My food used to swim in the sauce but right now, I thought the sauce had a little pungent smell, like plastic, and I just didn't like it. On top of that, those unfresh garlic and chilli - it was just disgusting.

Portions have never gotten prettier, it's just sad for the price they charge, as there are plenty of buffet BBQ that offers around RM35 per pax. Let's see if the price did make up to the portion.

We were eating like this - almost halfway through when the staff cleaned the table next to us. I could feel soap dripping on my arm when he sprayed on the other side, he could not even be bothered to watch where he's spraying!! Luckily I was the closest to the next table, so I assume my pot wasn't affected - but the meat that was uncooked and left next to the plate? I had to get the manager to deal with this situation because I'm not eating that. Same goes to the sauce that was right next to my hand.

Credits to manager who dealt with the issue promptly and replaced the meat.

Garlic Rice (RM1.90)

Garlic rice had no garlic taste in it. Also, it tasted really bad, as though spoiled meat was cooked together. The bf who usually doesn't have much to say about food, refused to eat this too...

Don't think I will ever go back again, I'll keep this post to remind myself never to waste another penny in this place.

Likes: Mookata is a good idea, just the idea. Manager does her job.
Dislikes: No value for money, lousy quality food, unfresh sauces, lazy staffs who might just spray soap into your food even though that was not his intention, pathetic portion.

Bar B Q Plaza
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