Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum

We bought the JR Wide Pass which allows us to cover all JR routes for free, therefore we had to utilise it fully. It took us almost 30 minutes to walk from Sumiyoshi Station JR station to this place - a crazy 1.5km walk! Gosh, where is Uber in such situation!

Thank goodness it was cold, otherwise we would have died when we arrived.

We made it just 30 minutes before they closed. I was not quite interested with the displays near the entrance which were suppose to be educational...

I did not even go upstairs to check out... Luckily for those who loves it, their voice guide comes in English too.

I was more interested in the tasting, as I had the intention to buy.

This is exclusively for the museum only. The tasting is sooooo pathetic! That's suitable for Whisky, but it is way too little for sake! I had to take a second shot to ensure it was the right choice. 

Some other choices you've probably seen before...

Hakutsuru claims to be the #1 selling brand in Japan for sakes... but I think it isn't the best place to visit or taste their sakes, it appears to be just a shop rather than a proper place to do tasting. I had a better experience at Nikka's Yoichi instead.

Since it's so out of the way, I would say skip this and search for another factory instead. Look out for Yamazaki instead, it's in between Osaka and Kyoto!

Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum
4−5−5 Sumiyoshi
Higashinada Ward
〒658-0041 Kobe
Opening Hours
Daily 9.30am - 4.30pm, visitors will not be allowed in after 4pm
Please check here for updates on business hours

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