Thursday, March 9, 2017

Moritaya モリタ屋

Our Shabu Shabu meal was supposed to be at Kobe. But I guess we were too tired to rush back to Kobe from Hakutsuru Museum. 

Moritaya seems like a decent place, according to Google. There are so many restaurants in Japan that are not mainstream in Umeda and if I had the energy to walk around I would have checked around but I guess I'm satisfied with Moritaya at Osaka Station.

First of all, the area itself is confusing. There are so many malls in the area and I had a hard time finding the right place! Osaka Station or Umeda, however you prefer to call it, has a few malls. Moritaya is located at LUCUA, in case you need to ask around. It's located at the premium dining area, if I'm not mistaken, right at the top floor - Level 10. 

We opted for the Shabu Shabu set, the Ume beef where cows are fed with plums. It costs ¥4300 per person, where we get two slices of beef each. 

There are better options, which obviously would cost more. It was our last meal for the trip and we did not have much cash left. Otherwise, I would be so happy to have the Matsu beef instead which is about ¥6300 per person.

As you can see, thou we were only given two slices each the cut itself is as large as a steak and not too thinly sliced so we'll get a perfect bite from it.

Kansai style sukiyaki - where meat is first seared with sugar and a not too much of Sukiyaki sauce. Each table has a staff assigned to prepare the food, so don't fret if you don't get it right.

First two slices served in the bowl of raw egg. Second round comes with the vegetables.

A lot of sugar is used to cook up Sukiyaki, they can really compete with Thais for sugar level in food!!

Each set comes with a starter and a dessert. Looks simple, but this orange is just so sweet I could use another one of it!

Likes: Very good sukiyaki! 
Dislikes: Would've been better if it wasn't too pricey. Also prefer it with less sugar...

Moritaya モリタ屋
LUCUA osaka
1100 10F 3 Chome−1−3 ルクアダイニング
〒530-0001 Osaka

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