Sunday, March 19, 2017

Nishiki Market

Each city has their own market and Kyoto's very own is Nishiki Market. It's a long street with all sorts of stuff.

Raw food for home cooking, food to go, street food, fresh fruits, vegetables, just basically everything you are looking for.

Grilled oysters and scallops - there are around 2-3 different shops.

Sashimi - I didn't think it was very cheap. It was just normal for the price. We walked the entire street and the price is about the same too. I didn't try any of it as we hadn't had breakfast - didn't want to start with raw food.

There are a lot of grilled selections but we couldn't decide what to eat first so we just kept walking and walking...

Japanese economy rice dishes.

There's just too many choices isn't it. I should have tried the teriyaki yellowtail...

There's also deep fried skewers..

Lots of unagi in boxes, unagi sushi, plain unagi. The only thing I realise was the food looks really dry. It didn't look captivating for me to want them immediately..

Unagi and tamago.

The specialty in this market - quail egg stuffed in octopus.

We bought two to try - which turns out to be really boring. Just octopus and quail egg, not sure what is so special about it?

The grilled hotate was super juicy! By the time we had this, I was already too lazy to turn back to grab sashimi or anything else. I like the varieties in this market but I guess I wasn't that impressed with Nishiki Market... Not as much as Nijo Market in Hokkaido.

Nishiki Market

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