Friday, March 17, 2017

Ryokan Kohro 旅館こうろ

Have a tight budget? Want to stay in the Ryokan? Also want to be within walking distance to everything else? Fret not. Ryokan Kohro is the best place to be!

There's a little public bath down in the basement - but bear in mind you'll have to be naked... and it's a norm anyway, at least in Japan it is.

We booked the room with no meals, which explains why it was cheaper too. There are plenty of Izakayas around the hotel, so no issues getting lunch or dinner. Also, Nishiki Market is approximately 6-8 minutes walk from the hotel!

Ryokan rooms are obviously versatile. They prepared our room for bedtime while we were out dining. Such lovely service... Breakfast spread has two slots - the 7am or 8am. Boy, they are really early!

But we figured that we could at least have breakfast. This was added during check-in, with an extra fee of approximately ¥1050 per pax (About USD10?). I think it's pretty reasonable, so do get their breakfast!

It consists of the very important staple we call rice, miso soup, pickles and other luxurious items like egg, fish, and tofu. 

Well in our era, it has turned into an essential rather than being called luxurious. Of course during the days where people were poor, rice, miso and pickles were the staple and everything else is a bonus.

I thought this was going turn out to be smelly natto, but thankfully they aren't smelly.

I like how thick these cuts are... my favourite tamago!

What do you think about it?
Likes: Convenient, central, value for money, good breakfast

Dislikes: It's a bit noisy as it's in the city. 

Ryokan Kohro
Horinouecho, 114
Nakagyo Ward
Kyoto  〒604-8117

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