Friday, March 3, 2017

Shoraian 松籟庵

The little Tofu restaurant in Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. Walk along the river and there's a staircase that leads you right up. Once you see this signboard, walk towards the pebbles pathway.

You'll see the entrance... that looks like a cupboard to me.

We made a booking in advance. Our local friend called this place about 3-4 weeks before the actual visit. We were fortunate to get a table by the window. There are also private rooms on the other side.

Winter is a little boring, but autumn colours would be interesting.

The lunch sets. We opted for Shorai and Shofu which was perfect for us. If we had ordered both Shofu we will not be able to finish our food! Shoyo looks very plain for a regular meal.

Sake to start off :-)

Appetiser Cold Tofu - Shorai & Shofu

Assorted Specialties Plate - Shorai

You must be wondering why is this more than the expensive Shofu set. This is because Shofu has more dishes so it's quite fair for it to be lesser!

Here in this plate, there are different vegetables and seafood, with tofu traces in some of the dishes. I particularly like the radish - simple and super sweet!!

Assorted Specialties Plate - Shofu

Practically the same, but lesser as there are more to come.

Special Item & Kyo-ryori seasonal selection - Shorai & Shofu

I can't remember which one is the special and which was the seasonable. Nevertheless, it's steamed beancurd skin and onions. Don't underestimate the onions - these are damn good, a little crunchy and super sweet!

I just had to share a close up of it.

Tofu Gratin with Namafu - Shofu

This is TO DIE FOR!!!!! The wheat like namafu in it tastes a little like sticky rice jelly, filled with tofu and cheese!!! I'm a sucker for cheese...


Toyuba Tempura served with green tea salt - Shofu

I'm such a jakun, I've never seen green tea salt before. It's very mild matcha so you don't really taste too much of it.

Mini Steak - Wagyu Beef

Sadly I thought this did not ace - the beef was a little gamey and it tasted like a typical Chinese dish, with lots of spring onions and leek.

Yudofu - being the main "tofu" star in all sets.

P/S: The tofu is so smooth, soft, silk, it slips off the spoon so easily!!

It is refillable for Shofu set only, but I guess it by then you'd be so bloated. Well, we were bloated.

Adegashi Tofu - Another classic must for Japanese.

Rice & Pickles - Staple

Tofu Jelly

Tofu Ice Cream

You can choose between jelly or ice cream.

 Shorai Set ¥4600

Shofu ¥5600

Likes: I dislike tofu, but every tofu dish served by them was impressive! Service was excellent - staff could speak English. Reasonable lunch sets. Easy to find with Google Map.
Dislikes: Not so much of the wagyu though.

Shoraian 松籟庵
Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
616-8386 Japan
Opening Hours
Mon-Thurs 11am - 5pm
Fri-Sun & Public Holidays 11am - 8pm
Shoraian's Page

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