Monday, March 13, 2017

Torito 炭火串焼 とりと

I had the sudden cravings for Yakitori and found this place online. It was about 7 minutes walk from our hotel at Karasuma Oike.

Staffs barely speaks English, but they do have an English menu.

There is a minimum order of two sticks per item that we order - I basically ordered almost everything!

Chicken liver, heart, gizzard, breast, thigh, kidney, meatballs, testicles, duck meat, chicken soup, basically ordered the entire chicken family....

They are all grilled perfectly, I have always avoided eating any innards as they have a weird aftertaste. 

Surprisingly the innards we have ordered comes in extra large size - they are so much bigger and fatter! What makes it even better is there is no odd aftertaste. For once, I didn't ask for meat, I asked for innards!

I'm not sure if this place is Halal, they are definitely pork free. It's quite common for a Japanese restaurant to serve alcohol, so quite unlikely that this shop is Halal.

If you've chosen not to dine here, you're probably missing out of these yummy chicken innards!

Tsukune / Chicken Meatballs was one of my favourite - fat, juicy and fragrant! I'm so biased, everything in Japan tastes nicer...

The duck and leek skewer was less interesting as compared to the chicken selections, I found that it was quite flat.

Biggest chicken testicles I've seen, eww!!!!!!! I don't know what made me do this, I mean I just ordered CHICKEN TESTICLES!!!!!!!! I'm so brave, but I only had one piece. It was pretty disgusting!! I guess I will never like chicken testicles. Even Japanese chicken failed to amuse me...

I've never said no to soup, but this certainly did not represent Japan for its standards... It was basically chicken stock soup with egg.. I mean, everyone could do this...

Sansho pepper seems so common..

We managed to get two bar seats at the end, would have been better if it's in the middle!

No idea what's what, but that was our damage for the night. Food and sake came up to approximately ¥7516 / USD 70.

Likes: Many choices, very skillful yakitori chefs, the meat for every skewer is fairly "large", not chicken that have only 15 days of life or something
Dislikes: None!

Torito 炭火串焼 とりと
683 烏丸錦ビル
〒604-8144 Kyoto
Opening Hours
Daily 5.30pm - 12am
Torito's Page

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