Sunday, April 30, 2017

Granger & Co.

Scrambled Eggs with Sourdough Toast (£8.20)

Finally got to try what everyone said as the fluffiest scrambled eggs in London... It looks really beautiful and smooth from pictures. There are a couple of sides you can opt for as add-ons, and we had fairly simple ones; Avocado Salsa (£2.80), Sliced Avocado (£2.80), Salmon (£4.80).

I didn't like the rock hard sourdough, egg was alright but wasn't as fluffy as I picture it to be... A little rubbery kind of texture, but it's fine. I happen to love the avocado salsa more than anything else... 

We queued for about 40 minutes or so for a table, as early as 8.30am!! This place is really popular...

Likes: Good food, very "Instagrammable", fairly reasonable price for a breakfast place, very refreshing orange juice I'd die for another
Dislikes: The place is too noisy, a little overrated - to queue for so long I don't think it was worth it, they do not have any reservation system, staffs look awfully cranky because they are really busy.. seems short of staffs?

Granger & Co. 
175 Westbourne Grove,
Notting Hill
London W11 2SB
United Kingdom
Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 7am - 11pm
Sun 8am - 10pm
Granger & Co.'s Page
Granger & Co.'s Facebook

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Thim Kee Seafood

Hokkien Mee

Cantonese Fried Noodles

Daily Specials: Braised Pork Tail with Peanuts

This shop serves opens at nights - typical Chinese tai chow. You can order practically any Chinese selections and they'll cook it up for you. They don't have a menu but if you can think of anything that you like, just ask them.

Likes: Good Chinese food, cheap - it came to about RM15-20 per pax?, convenient, quick, friendly owner (lady), thought it's called "Seafood Restaurant" they were not pushy with trying sell any of their seafood
Dislikes: Can't say the same for her staff - quite rude to customers and very sarcastic (local mid-age man)

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Thim Kee Seafood  
35, Jalan Jejaka 7,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Tsar Ресторан "Царь"

Our first meal in Russia - this seems like a popular place for Russian food, where they consider this as fine dining.

The furniture totally made us drool, just like the fairytale stories we have read. Tsar in Russian literally means "King", and this place totally made me feel like one!!

Salmon Tartar with Avocado Mousse (‎₽750/USD13++)

Very fresh salmon on a bed of avocado and a spoon of caviar. I didn't like the rye bread though, and I thought the plating was really ugly like a pre-school kid's artwork. Nevertheless, the food was very good, I finished every bit of it! The creamy avocado is very, very addictive.

Russian Beetroot Salad with Baltic Sprat (‎₽490/USD8.50++)

Those red patches are a mixture of beetroots, potatoes and probably a bit of carrots? Well, to keep it simple, it's beetroot and I dislike it. I finished the Baltic Sprat though, at first glance I thought it was going to be really fishy and smelly but I was wrong! It was rather light and refreshing actually. The beetroot salad is actually very nice, as most people finished theirs so it was definitely my preference.

‎Russian Soup (₽400++/USD7++)

It just tasted like Chinese ABC soup, light vegetable soup with carrots, potatoes and herbs. It was fairly addictive but I had to leave some behind for me to have my main course.

Siberian Pelmeni (‎₽750/USD13++)

The dumplings are very much similar to Chinese meat dumplings. These are influences from the Siberian, the Asian side of Russia where it's near China. This is why I think Russian cuisine is very interesting, where you get a hint of European and Asian mix. The Siberian version is very Asian dish, I believe there is pork in it. They have also other versions if you prefer something more European - lamb, duck or even king crab.

Rum & Raisin (‎₽190/USD3.50++)

This has to be the BEST RUM ICE CREAM I HAVE EVER HAD!!!! Slightly creamy, heavy rum, nice raisin bits in between. It was heavenly, I wish I had more room.

Berry vodka after our meal.

The toilet - really hands down to them for making everyone feel like a Tsar!!!

Likes: Classy, excellent food, wonderful service, no fault at all
Dislikes: Plating skills can be improved

Tsar Ресторан "Царь"
12 Sadovaya St,
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm - 1am
Tsar's Page
Tsar's Facebook

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Maze Grill

Some old photos of Maze back in 2013. The only thing I've wondered - how did we end up ordering Sushi? I recall enjoying their steaks, but sushi!?!!?!?

Maze Grill London
10-13 Grosvenor Square
London W1K 6JP
United Kingdom
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm - 1am

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

La Juiceria Superfoods

Organic Tofu (RM6)

This is the saddest tofu I've ever encountered. Black burnt cancer-causing bits on a piece of organic dry and stale tofu. A piece of organic tofu from Hock Choon only costs RM2.20 where one box is double of what you get here. I didn't think this was worth it.

Teriyaki Chicken Soba (RM18.90)

Thanks to Teriyaki sauce this noodle was fine. Perfectly poached egg, served with healthy Japanese noodles which wasn't too bad. Not something I'd order the second time though. Too healthy for me...

Likes: Convenient
Dislikes: Overpriced, something you can whip at home for barely half of what you're paying, nevertheless, it's convenient. Market themselves as "healthy", but is it really that healthy? Most ingredients used are normal items which appears to look like organic, but not. Very few organic choices. Also, in terms of "healthy", is there even vegan / gluten free options? I didn't it was ethical to market themselves as healthy when the ingredients used are the cheapest, for the obvious reasons. On a bright note, it's still healthier compared to Mamak or street food. :)

P/S: If most items were organic, the price would probably double up!

La Juiceria Superfoods  
Verve Suites
Mont Kiara
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 8am - 10pm
La Juiceria Superfoods' Page
La Juiceria Superfoods' Facebook

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Gold Mine 金山楼

Aubergine with Minced Pork (£11++)

If you've heard a little about it, people tend to compare Gold Mine and Four Seasons. This is really subjected to personal preference. Four Seasons is much more popular, but Gold Mine is picking up! When I first visited Gold Mine in 2012, the shop was fairly small with just one shoplot. Today, they have occupied the shop next to it and have expanded!

They serve typical Cantonese dishes, not sure where the chef is from though there are a lot of Malaysian staffs running the place.

Stir Fry Beef with Spring Onions and Ginger (£9++)

This was not as fresh as the one we had in Wing Sing Inn, Edinburgh. It was too starchy and the beef was too thick.

Whole Roast Duck (£22++)

As for the duck!!! I thought I prefer Gold Mine's duck more than Four Seasons. I haven't had Four Seasons for 2 years now, but it was one of my regular joints because it was more convenient than heading down to Gold Mine. I prefer this version more because I did not have to pour the sauce over the duck to have it. Skin was a little crispy but not entirely, very juicy fats dripping on the plate and it was just memorable. Prices are slightly cheaper as compared to Four Seasons too.

P/S: Be prepared to wait, 30 minutes with reservation and 1 hour without a reservation!! We arrived at 8.30pm and only got our table around 9pm... Also, please don't expect Michelin star service, it's just a regular classic Chinese joint where it's inexpensive and people queue for it.

Likes: Authentic Chinese food... Good Cantonese choices. 
Dislikes: The wait is crazy, even with reservation.... Though I would say, it's definitely worth the wait!

Gold Mine
102 Queensway,
London W2 3RR
United Kingdom
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm - 11pm

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Thailicious Classic

We passed by this place a few times but never actually thought of stopping by until we ran out of ideas on what to eat. This shop sells simple Thai street food all in one shop. I was attracted to their boat noodles.

 Set Lunch - Pork Leg Rice (RM14.90)

 Pork Noodle (RM1.90)

I find their noodles to be surprisingly good. Definitely better that Pork Free Boat noodles. The lard makes the noodle tastes a lot better!

 Beef Noodle (RM1.90)

Pad Thai (RM10.90)


Likes: Simple Thai food, not very pricey
Dislikes: Staffs are the only letdown, not really friendly and always no where to be seen... Also, the food took a while to arrive when things like soup are ready made..

Thailicious Classic
78, Jalan SS21/39
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya
47800 Selangor

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