Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Izakaya 焼とり居酒屋遊

The struggle is real when you enter a shop and you can't read, write or speak in that language. Even the shop's name is in Japanese...

We ordered our food with the help of Google Translate. Two sticks per item is the minimum order so we just get it anyway. Chicken innards, skin, breast, meatballs (which I'm clearly aware it's called Tsukune!)

This is one little cozy neighbourhood Izakaya where it's really convenient as it is located just next to Taisho station. 

I prefer Torito at Kyoto more actually, their yakitori were much fresher and more succulent in comparison, especially Tsukune.

Despite the really average yakitori, this place is packed even at 10pm.. Perhaps these aren't their best dishes.. :(

Nevertheless, the prices are really reasonable! Perhaps that is the main reason.

Likes: Small, cozy, friendly staffs even though they speak little English
Dislikes: Really average Yakitori...

Izakaya 焼とり居酒屋遊
1 Chome−4−13

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