Tuesday, April 11, 2017

McDonald's Malaysia

The team behind the MCD marketing was very clever. It got people all over the country raving about the chicken. It even got regular Maccas chicken lover like me ordering it too!! I first tried it at Ampang Petronas's MCD. 

Is there any difference? I thought there was a bit of difference - the piece of chicken is slightly larger now, crispier batter and spicier. It's very fresh, because the turnover rate is high, unlike before. But how long will this last - that's another question to ponder.

On a separate occasion, we ordered it from a branch in PJ, the piece of chicken wasn't as huge or crispy, inconsistent much? Nevertheless, it will not stop me from loving Texas Chicken / KFC (or even A&W!)

McDonald's Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur

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