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The new place in town that serves tiny pretty portions you just want to pop it into your mouth right now! Exactly what I felt when I first found out about the place. Our only choice is the 11 Mile Journey. I notice that it seems different for everyone though...

#1 - Destroyed Staple

Really thin wafer like dehydrated piece of charcoal that melts in the mouth...

#2 - Lactose Free

Coconut cone, rice and chilli flakes (savoury, sweet and spicy all in one little cone...)

#3 - Malayali Trade

Lego-like rice cake - topped with coconut, pumpkin and carrot cream.

These 3 were served together - I thought this would be better to go one by one, not hurriedly all 3 at a go.

#4 - What Came First?

Egg Kalaki - some sort of eggy water mousse texture with crispy bits at the bottom.... & served with a piece of deep fried chicken skin

#5 - Fishing the Backwaters

Kerala lemon flavoured fish, masked with light chilli and fennel, topped with coriander meringue. One of my favourite for the night!

#6 - Out of the Shell

Chettinad scallops & tamarind broth - seems rather weird to have scallops and Indian spices, never actually had anything similar before. Very interesting indeed!

#7 - Monsoon Ritual

Tomato broth & spiced oil - he was saying something about people back home drinks this soup to keep themselves warm

The soup is prepared with 3 tomatoes from different regions - with a spoon of lentils at the bottom. Mix it well where I was quite reluctant as I did not like lentils...

#8 - Silence of our Lamb

68C Sous vide lamb is super tender and every bite of it blew my mind off! Served with powdered curry leaves. I like.

#9 - Nomad's Globe 

This ain't no Death Star! But it does look like one isn't it.

Just dismantle the tiffin and you'll get the onions and yogurt, eggplant with a light roasted sugar on top with cashew curry, and organic chicken briyani with seeraga samba rice imported from India.

#10 - Kandy Tea Story

Chamomile, Peppermint & Earl Grey. Just trying to tell you about Sri Lankan's tea plantation.

#11 - Mind of a Coconut

The coconut ice cream is sooooo good!! Topped with Cane sugar, tulsi and ice apples. Traditionally, this is served hot but they redesigned the dish to be a cold one. I could have a tub of the ice cream by itself...

Menu for the night. It costs RM350++ per person.

The bird nest cocktail that was on everyone's page, that I did not like. It looks fancy, served with honey caviar, but the actual item? It's just sweet and so mild that you need 5 of it to even taste the alcohol. I thought that for the price of RM65++ per glass, would at least give you a kick, and not just serving sugar water.

A compilation of the 11th Mile Journey...

Likes: Probably the only Indian cuisine served in a fancy way in Klang Valley - something different from your mamak stall. Every dish comes with a story, and it makes the culinary journey much more interesting :)
Dislikes: Consider serving the dishes slower - gives us more time to relax and chill. First three dishes is probably better off serving as solo... Cocktails are ridiculously priced with subpar standards, what's the point of having a pretty item but merely any alcohol in it. Parking is a hazard too - only 4-5 spots and for RM20 it's really much better off requesting Uber/Grab.

Lot 183 of, Jalan Mayang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 6pm - 10pm
Closed on Sundays

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