Friday, April 21, 2017

Shogun2U Delivery

Took the advantage to order when they had the 35% discount. Portion is reasonably huge and didn't differ much from the advertised picture.... unlike Cooked By Joon,

Top: Bulgogi Beef (RM20.90)
Bottom: Unagi Rice (RM24.90), if I remember correctly. For some reason it's no longer in the menu.

I was sick one day and decided to have salmon porridge (RM13.90)

It came with huge chunks of salmon!!! So yes, I will order this at full price.

Chicken Porridge (RM10.90) looks bland but it was surprisingly flavourful. The minced chicken is slightly salty to go with the porridge. I will definitely order this at full price.

Nagoya Toryaki Salad (RM24.90) - didn't think it was worth it for just the few leaves, a hard boiled egg and piece of chicken thigh. After 35% discount it was alright - but I would not order this at full price.

Garlic Fried Rice with Tori Karage (RM18.90) is a disaster - by far the worst dish of all I've ever tried. Garlic fried rice tastes nothing like one, the fried chicken was super salty... It was supposed to be like that because the rice is bland - but I have no idea what seasoning they added into the rice it tasted and smells really weird to even eat it... 

Asam Udon Mee (RM24.90) - ordered by a colleague and she think it was fine but the portion is a bit too small for what they charge. She was alright only with 35% discount.

*Prices are all before discount.

Some facts about Shogun2U:
  1. Halal (I believe, since they have Muslim chefs too)
  2. Not gluten free or nut free - at least it is not specified anywhere
  3. Estimated delivery time - 1 hour
  4. Approximately RM12 - RM25 per box, minimum order RM25. 
  5. At least 20-30 types to pick from, depending on your area.
  6. Number to contact - Click here for full list.
  7. Click here for their webpage.
  8. Click here for Facebook page
  9. Click here for Instagram page
  10. Free delivery for members 
Verdict: Hits and misses, but really good to try if they have promotions going on - no harm trying!

Check out their site and if you are keen- Shogun2U :)

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