Friday, April 28, 2017

Tsar Ресторан "Царь"

Our first meal in Russia - this seems like a popular place for Russian food, where they consider this as fine dining.

The furniture totally made us drool, just like the fairytale stories we have read. Tsar in Russian literally means "King", and this place totally made me feel like one!!

Salmon Tartar with Avocado Mousse (‎₽750/USD13++)

Very fresh salmon on a bed of avocado and a spoon of caviar. I didn't like the rye bread though, and I thought the plating was really ugly like a pre-school kid's artwork. Nevertheless, the food was very good, I finished every bit of it! The creamy avocado is very, very addictive.

Russian Beetroot Salad with Baltic Sprat (‎₽490/USD8.50++)

Those red patches are a mixture of beetroots, potatoes and probably a bit of carrots? Well, to keep it simple, it's beetroot and I dislike it. I finished the Baltic Sprat though, at first glance I thought it was going to be really fishy and smelly but I was wrong! It was rather light and refreshing actually. The beetroot salad is actually very nice, as most people finished theirs so it was definitely my preference.

‎Russian Soup (₽400++/USD7++)

It just tasted like Chinese ABC soup, light vegetable soup with carrots, potatoes and herbs. It was fairly addictive but I had to leave some behind for me to have my main course.

Siberian Pelmeni (‎₽750/USD13++)

The dumplings are very much similar to Chinese meat dumplings. These are influences from the Siberian, the Asian side of Russia where it's near China. This is why I think Russian cuisine is very interesting, where you get a hint of European and Asian mix. The Siberian version is very Asian dish, I believe there is pork in it. They have also other versions if you prefer something more European - lamb, duck or even king crab.

Rum & Raisin (‎₽190/USD3.50++)

This has to be the BEST RUM ICE CREAM I HAVE EVER HAD!!!! Slightly creamy, heavy rum, nice raisin bits in between. It was heavenly, I wish I had more room.

Berry vodka after our meal.

The toilet - really hands down to them for making everyone feel like a Tsar!!!

Likes: Classy, excellent food, wonderful service, no fault at all
Dislikes: Plating skills can be improved

Tsar Ресторан "Царь"
12 Sadovaya St,
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm - 1am
Tsar's Page
Tsar's Facebook

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