Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Rice Cracker Tacos ($12.80)

Crispy rice crackers topped with pulled pork, guacamole & chili salsa. It was something really random which turns out to be very addictive! Everybody loves pulled pork and it's served on top of sushi-like rice but it's not sushi. It's crispy rice and every bite of it is crunchy!!

Truffle Hiyashi Somen ($15.80)

Cold somen tossed with confit egg yolk & shio konbu, topped with truffle molecues & sakura ebi. I came for their uni pasta, which sadly is not available!!! They ran out of uni by 8pm, that is such a shame as I was only in town for one night and they are not open on Sunday.

Negitoro Don ($10++)

Really regular, nothing special at all.

Pan fried Foie Gras ($18.80++)

This could have been better, the foie gras was tasty but it was not pan fried long enough so the texture is a bit too soft on the outside. Too soft it felt a little gooey and I like the skin of it to be a little bit more cooked.

Grilled Fish ($10++)

I can't remember which fish was this but this was the worst of all choices - fish was just a fish and it was really bland.

Likes: The truffle somen is really good! We enjoyed the dishes that were great.
Dislikes: And did not enjoy for those which were done average & badly eg. grilled fish, foie gras. It's either a hit or miss, not everything is great.

80 South Bridge Rd,
#01-01 Golden Castle Building
Singapore 058710
Opening Hours
Daily 4.30pm - 12am
Closed on Sundays
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