Thursday, May 11, 2017


We wanted to visit Mad by Sucre, but ended up here because of Mad by Sucre's 1 drink 1 cake policy was ridiculous. Business owners are entitled to set whatever rules they want - but such rule of forcing their consumers to purchase will drive people away. Epiphyte on the other hand, may not be as popular but at least they welcomed us without any silly rule.

Terrarium ($13++)

Very beautiful dessert but it tasted quite oddly strange, which I can't really compare this to anything else. The cake is very spongy and absorbed the artificial green colouring which I did not enjoy. I'll say it's just pretty to take photos but taste is not my cup of tea.

Galaxy Cake ($10++)

Beautiful and shiny cake - mostly cream inside. Light and fluffy which is great for tea. It's beautiful and totally reminds me of Space, but it is not something I'll order the second time.

Since it was already late afternoon on a Sunday, the staff (or was it owner?) offered us a free cheesecake, on top of our existing order. It was really nice of him.

Which turns out to be my favourite of all!!! This fluffy white pillow looking cheesecake is infused with WHISKY! It was totally a spot on - whisky was surprisingly super strong, and yet still able to taste the fluffy cheesecake! The cake itself is not very sweet which was perfect for us - even those who dislikes dessert, actually enjoyed it!

Whisky Jewel ($8++)

They also serve savoury food too, but we did not try as we came right after lunch. Check out their popular pink risotto rice if you have a chance... the pink is from beetroot and not articial colouring!

Likes: Cute and reasonably priced cakes. Cheesecake is a must! Staffs are very friendly too!
Dislikes: Nothing at the moment

47 Neil Rd,
Singapore 088827
Opening Hours 
Daily 12pm - 12am
Sat 12pm - 1am
Sun 11am - 4pm

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