Thursday, May 25, 2017

Guru Buffet

Guru Buffet is very popular... Among TOURISTS only!! Price without "premium" seafood costs THB429 & THB529 for premium seafood.

This is the "Premium" Seafood section - consists of slightly larger prawns, razor clams, extra tiny clams and super unfresh crab. Extra THB100 for these? It is totally not worth it to begin with.

The smaller prawns & mussels at the regular THB429 section.

Tiny clams! Where are the scallops I saw online?....

There are squid too but heck, not everybody eats that.

The buffet section for cooked food which is available for both packages.

Salad are alright - but people come for their BBQ not really for these kinda cheap food.

Noodles, vegetables, fruits and sauces.

Pad Thai & Tom Yum prepared and served cold because nobody really takes this anyway, so food is left to chill.

Avoid Guru Buffet at all costs!!! It's totally a tourist trap!

Likes: Large prawns and that is about it
Dislikes: Expensive, ripped off, overpriced, limited seafood for the price, staffs cheated us about the drinks too (purposely made us order when there are already free drinks available at the buffet spread!)

Guru Buffet
Bo Put,
Ko Samui District,
Surat Thani 84320,

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