Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mayflower Restaurant

 Some old pictures of this place I've visited in Bristol over Chinese cravings.

 It was really average Chinese food, I am guessing there are very few choices in Bristol. It was okay to satisfy cravings for Chinese (Cantonese) food but beware it's not the best place to dine. They have the lousiest service and bear in mind- they don't even care, because they have plenty of customers pouring in daily.

I would stay away from them, as they really treat customers like crap. I just didn't enjoy dining here and will definitely not return again, nor would I recommend this place to anybody. 

Likes: Not too bad Cantonese Chinese food, ok to satisfy cravings
Dislikes: Rudest service EVER! Long wait for table and food

Mayflower Restaurant  
3a-5 Haymarket Walk
Bristol BS1 3LN
United Kingdom
Opening Hours
Daily 6pm - 3am
Sunday 12pm - 3am
Mayflower Restaurant's Page
Mayflower's Facebook

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