Sunday, May 14, 2017

Podvorye Ресторан Подворье

A lovely Russian restaurant which is very popular among locals too. We were there in a big group so we had the group set meal. The place looks fully booked too - on a weekday.

Cold starter spread; all neatly spread even before we arrived.

Homemade Pork & Stuffed Tomatoes (cheese, mayonnaise, greens, garlic)

The cheese and tomato is absolutely addictive! Some mixed herbs in the cheese made it really delicious. Pork was a little tough but I got through it.

Mushroom julienne

This seems so familiar - like mushroom soup but it's thicker.

Russian Borsch Soup

They did no explanation - there was some yogurt like sour cream but they did not tell us it was meant for the soup. We thought it was for the bread! So we actually finished the soup without the cream in it. Hilarious.

Stuffed Cabbage

I like this really light dish. Vegetable and minced pork - nothing too heavy for lunch.

Pancakes with Red Bilberry, Honey and Ice-cream

Russia is very popular with berries, similar to Finland. I guess people around that area has ample supply to it so they make everything out of it. It's similar to blueberry but much more sour and smaller.

Traditional dance and music performances in the area.

The only thing I got upset was the service. We have not even finished out food and they started to clear our food already. Waitress broke a few plates of food and she got angry at us when it was her mistake.... Very unfriendly staffs.

Likes: Delicious food, and quality is food even when we ordered food in bulk.
Dislikes: Staffs are very unfriendly. They collected our plates when we were not even done - did not even bother to ask...

Podvorye Ресторан Подворье
16 Filtrovskoye shosse,
St. Petersburg,
Russia 196625
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm - 11pm
Podvorye's Page

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