Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tse Fung

Having a meal here in Tse Fung is like eating Chinese food the Western way. We got a starter, soup, rice and dishes for main and dessert.

So here it is, to start off, crispy prawn roll - it's really weird to have one piece of prawn lying on such a huge plate. Nothing wrong with that, but it clearly isn't typical Chinese tradition.

Seaweed soup - the soup we Chinese people would serve to those who won't appreciate real Chinese soup. We don't usually drink soup like that on a regular basis. This soup is usually available in Chinese restaurants in countries where Chinese are minorities.

And no, I did not enjoy this soup - too starchy.

All of us had two plates for our main and one to share. Stir-fry prawns with vegetables and another plate of mixed vegetables - PER PERSON.

This is clearly not how we Chinese would eat. The portion is way too much for us!!! We would order to share - not consuming it individual. Whoever who thought of this concept must be mad.

Deep-fry squid was to share between two. It's still TOO MUCH!!! A party of 14 had 7 plates - that is just insane. In a standard Chinese meal for 14, we would probably get 2-3 plates to share depending on the size of the dish. Too much cholesterol here....

And do not forget, there's rice to go with the dishes. I swear they need to learn how we Chinese eat. Funny how they taught us how to drink eat - it's informative and we already know, thanks.

Sorbet to end our meal.

If you're planning to dine here, make sure they don't make the arrangement for you - Chinese meals are meant to be shared. If it's the Western concept - it should be one portion dividing it to a few people on separate plates. Most of us could not finish our food and we felt awfully bad but then again, it's just unreasonable to serve food for 30 pax when we have only half...

Likes: Beautiful place, classy upscale Chinese restaurant
Dislikes: Not very authentic Chinese but the taste of the food was generally okay, overly hyped concept, rather rude & unfriendly staffs - service definitely needs improvement, they need to learn and educate their staffs about about Chinese tradition before flaunting their knowledge to real Chinese

Tse Fung  
13, Rubinshteyna Street
Ленинградская область
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm - 12am
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