Monday, May 15, 2017

WooBar @ W Samui

Every trip is quite incomplete without having a drink at a picturesque bar. For island vacays, it will be a sunset bar. I did a search online and ultimately, W has one of the prettiest bar in Koh Samui.

I have always visited W hotels in the city but never actually visit a resort of W's before. The entrance is quite far from the main road, which is about 10 minutes from Fisherman's Village, depending on the traffic.

There are four pods facing the sea and those pods are really popular for group photos and selfies, especially the last pod which has no obstruction. This bar isn't just for people who wants to get drunk by sunset, it isn't all about partying, they also serve afternoon tea from 1pm till 6pm.

At W London, music starts to play out loud somewhere late evening, turning the hotel/lobby into a party place, same goes to W Seoul. It looks like it is their trademark to play dance music so the place becomes much livelier.

I like W's contemporary design - whether it's their room, bar or common area, they all look very modern and hipster but more on the high-end side where it looks really classy.

View from the edge of the bar - it looks like a private pool for residents. If you're looking for a quiet getaway, W Samui is definitely the place to be. You don't even need to leave the place, you get everything in the hotel itself.

View from everybody's favourite selfie spot.

Loi Krathong (THB480++)

I saw this on the menu and it was a spot on. It was simply beautiful and also the reason I chose this. I'm sure this happens to most ladies as pretty things are always appealing! Fresh flowers, rather mild cocktail which is suitable for those of you who wants something light.

Thai Dragon (THB380++)

Pam introduced this cocktail which is one of the more popular ones. I prefer this over Loi Krathong as I normally don't like ice in my cocktails unless it's whiskey ice. This cocktail is very little in terms of ml but it is actually quite potent. You can finish it in 4-5 sips but every sip gets to your head! Will not recommend if you are a light drinker. Some chocolate lining with nuts on top of the glass is very addictive and goes so well with the drink! P/S: You've got to suck your drink from the bird's ass! Perhaps not the best idea for a man to be sipping it :P

Black is the New Pink (THB360++)

This drink is literally pink from beetroot's natural colouring. It comes with a hint of tequilla, which was supposed to be a hint but boy this was strong! A little fruity and sourish on top of tequilla; I'm sure tequilla lovers will enjoy it. This was alright for me, I guess the tequilla wasn't my cup of tea.

We were moved from the pod to the sheltered area when it started to drizzle. It was so unfortunate for us as there was no great sunset view for the night. It was all cloudy that evening and we were "compensated" for the natural phenomenon. We were offered two glasses of cocktails which was so nice of them to do so, as they actually do not have the control over nature and yet they made a move to compensate us. This is the difference between quality bars, they put the extra effort to keep their customers happy.

Thank you Pam for arranging the pod for us and an introduction to the hotel & island too!

Likes: Very picturesque bar, strong cocktails which I would say it is totally worth our money, very friendly staffs
Dislikes: Viewing sunset from this bar is like a gamble; either you get it or you don't (though it's really not up to W's call to decide)

WooBar W Samui
4/1 Moo 1 Tambol Maenam Maenam rd.
Tambol Maenam
Koh Samui 84330
WooBar Samui's Page

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