Friday, June 30, 2017

Moscow Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel

What to expect when you're at Moscow Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel...

Standard room with King bed. It's so spacious I could play hopscotch in the room..

Amenities are all provided.. The small make up mirror broke and they replaced it with no questions asked. To be fair, I haven't got a clue how it broke. I just moved it a little and the entire mirror fell off. Nevertheless, I like the efficiency of their housekeeping.

Buffet spread consists of standard continental breakfast, bacon, fish, salad, bread, you name it.

Ham, cheese, and the chicken jelly on the bottom right which I did not touch...

And I saw this at the corner. It was my first time seeing such a huge honeycomb!! You scrape the amount you want to eat, all fresh from the honeycomb! I found this to be amazing and it's not common to get this for hotel buffet spread.

The bread section

Usual omelette section where we got ourselves sunny sides and omelettes.

Only realised they serve champagne for breakfast the next morning!! I love Mariott's effort to make our breakfast so satisfying. Also, the manager on duty deserves to be praised. His staffs would clean dirty tables, replace with new cutlery and he did nothing less!! Most managers would "order" their staff to work but no, he did a great job by leading the example. Not that the place was busy anyway, so for him to actually do the extras? I'm starting to like Mariott even more. Thanks for hiring the right people!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Goon Wah 冠華 XO 鱼头米

It was not my first time visiting Goon Wah. I loved their Lou Shu Fun and have introduced this place to many people. It's a little pricey but it's good. I started off by having Barley (RM3.50) as my friends were late.... Thick barley with generous amount of gingko!

Pattaya Tofu (RM8)

Nothing special at all, it's just fried tofu topped with crackers, sweet chilli and peanuts.

Guinness Wings (RM23.90)

Expensive wings but totally worth it - coated with stout!

Pork Belly with Yam (RM23.90)

The gravy is too starchy, too much corn flour. Meat and yam is tender, but this entire dish is just lacking of flavour.

Claypot XO Noodles (RM18.90)

The dissatisfaction started when this dish arrived. This is their ever popular dish and it should be the best (apart from the LSF). However, the fish tasted a bit unfresh fishy, the broth was bland, there was definitely no XO sauce available in the soup. At least a shot of XO should be added prior to serving it - boiling the XO under heat will actually cause the XO taste to be gone.

So my friend signalled for the staff and he just lifted and put his hand in front of my friend's face and said "TUNGGU". My friend was shocked at the rudeness but chose to kept quiet. They could just be busy.. Man turns arounnd and said: "Apa you mau?" Oh... sounds like an entitlement to be rude when they are busy??
Friend: The XO noodles did not have XO in it, perhaps you could offer a shot of XO
Man: Itu macam punya, tak boleh bagi (It's like that, can't offer)
Friend: Can you get the boss to come over please?
All he could have done was to provide us with a small shot of XO to increase the flavours in the broth and story ends there
Lady boss came over and asked what happened.
Friend: The XO noodles did not have XO in it, perhaps you could offer a shot of XO
Lady boss: We fried the fish with XO, we don't put XO into our broth. It's like that one. We can't give you any XO.
Us: Huh? No wonder your broth is tasteless, and by the way the fish doesn't have wee bit of XO
Lady boss: It's like that one lor *walked off*
We were all so appalled at her rudeness!
If they had insisted that the recipe is like that - take it off our bill then??
Another question: Do they REALLY have XO in their recipe as claimed? Or it's only a gimmick?

Lou Shu Fun (RM12.90)

We complained on Facebook since the Franchise owner refused to deal with the problem. She immediately deleted the Facebook Page. This is so unprofessional of them.. Refuse to acknowledge the issue, don't allow consumers to voice their opinion. telling their customers off, and walk off just like that. This will be my last time dining here and I will stop recommending this place to anyone that I know. Money is better spent elsewhere where service is much better. 

Likes: Lou Shu Fun, Guinness wings
Dislikes: Xo Noodles don't have XO in it, rude service, lady boss thinks she is always right, walks off when the issue had not been resolved. Did not attempt to serve a new one / remove from the bill / resolve the issue by offering XO. Felt cheated by this establishment. 

Goon Wah
No 38, Jalan SS22/21
Damansara Jaya
Petaling Jaya
47400 Selangor

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tao Xiang Fish Head Noodles 陶香肉骨茶魚頭米粉

There are not many options to eat around this area, and I found this place online. According to reviews, their fish head noodle is good/above average! So we waited patiently for it, ordered Roasted Pork from the lorry right outside the shop. RM10 for this portion, not too bad I guess. It turned out to be delicious in fact - the skin was crispy and crackling. 

Since the place was packed and most people ordered the noodles, I had expected it to be good. But I was WRONG.

We ordered the fresh and fried fish noodle. Fresh fish was not very fresh after all - it was so fishy. Soup was milky and that was about it. No Chinese rice wine to mask the unfresh fish!!

The fried fish was a disaster. It was covered with really, really thick batter. Obviously the fish wasn't fresh already even before deep frying it, frying it is a good way to kill the unfresh taste. Unfortunately that did not happen. On top of that, the oil they had use was probably recycled so many times it smelt really bad. Due to the condition of the inedible fish, soaking it into the broth made it undrinkable!!

I'm guessing people patron because the prices are really affordable - one pot is good for 2 pax even though they said it's "Small" and "meant for one". One claypot costs around RM8-RM9 which is really cheap in Klang Valley. They also added conventional fish bals and fu chuk to make up for their awful fish and somewhat bland broth.

Happy to try it out once, so that I know that I won't return again....

Likes: Roast pork, which is not even from this shop. It's from the lorry outside the shop. Portions are huge for the price, generous ingredients
Dislikes: It's really cheap but for fish head noodles standards? It will definitely hit Top 10 Worst Fish Head Noodles in Klang Valley. Generous ingredients but they are either unfresh or conventional processed food

Tao Xiang 
2, Jalan Tiong Nam 5
Chow Kit
50350 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 6am - 5.30pm

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Kigawa 浪速割烹 喜川

Choose your own sake glass... It was my first experience, it's usually standard glasses pretty much everywhere else but it's special here.. I guess it's a form of interaction with customers?

I picked a pretty looking glass which resembles a tiny vase.

#1 - Kelp soup in cubic rice crackers

Clear rice like soup. It is served in a little cup, like a size of a teacup.

#2 - Whitebait, wasabi sprout, taro stem, seaweed sauce, pounded yam, radish

Wobbly white little fish with a combination of the above, rather refreshing.

#3 - (a) Yam, yolk of and egg, sardine; lightly battered egg yolk, nothing like Chinese version and I find the sardine to be very sweet and fresh! The only sardines I've had were the ones from the can... First time having such fresh sardines!
(b) Boiled rape blossoms in Japanese broth; i thought the greens were sweet... never had these type of greens before...
(c) Squid paste & sea urchin paste; the jelly like rubbery paste was a huge surprise - it tasted like the real one except the texture is softer.. I would gladly have more of those jelly!
(d) Soybeans & Yuzu; soybeans are normal, but became a lot nicer with yuzu sauce... It's much more citrus-y and sweeter.
(e) Deep fried pond smelt; this was certainly my favourite - it tasted like fried chicken!
(f) Carrot - nicely shaped carrot and that's about it...
(g) Ocellated octopus - Just... octopus???

#4 - Special sashimi

These sashimi aren't regular sashimis, they are sashimis topped with different types of herbs. The most memorable one would be the bottom left - it's topped with sansho pepper and it's certainly not for everybody. I think I prefer having normal sashimi.. This is far too interesting for me...

#5 - Clear soup with shrimp ball, bamboo shoot, Japanese parsley, bracken and dill

Clear soup - very fresh shrimp flavour from the ball with a hint of the other greens in it. Luckily the bamboo shoot used in this soup was freshly sliced and not the preserved ones where you normally get in China (it stinks!!). I believe this soup helped to clear the raw fish flavours off.

#6 - Dried sole, bitter orange, shitake mushroom, candied bitter orange peel, Takayama Mizuna green (potherb mustard)

The orange used in this dish was strong, and I really like it that way. At least it wasn't just a boring piece of fish.

#7 - Rolled sea break in leek, Takayama Mana green (edible wild plants), wheat gluten, shrimp shaped taro

Nothing much, expect it tasted a little bit like Chinese tofu dish wrapped with meat.

#8 - Grilled Naniwa Osaka beef topped with soft cod roe, wild watercress, Kawachi lotus roots
This was the only disappointment for the day - the beef slices were way too tough! Was it meant to be like that I'm not sure. I felt like I was having hard chewy rubber? The rest of the items which came with the beef were nicely flavoured with the brown-teriyaki like sauce.

#9 - Mandatory rice, miso soup and pickles. If I remember correctly they ran out of young burdock.

#10 - Frozen Yogurt in Japanese citrus

"There is always room for desserts". Especially when it comes to FROYO! Fresh froyo with orange bits... Too good!

Tea & sweets to end the meal.

Lunch lasted for almost 2 hours....

Down the alley from the busy Dotonburi...

I thought the price was reasonable for so many dishes. It was not the original menu we had selected; the "special menu" was offered by the chef when we arrived.

1-7-7, Dotonbori
Opening Hours
Daily 11.30am - 2pm; 5pm - 9.30pm
Closed on Mondays

Monday, June 26, 2017

Imbi Village Restaurant

Steam Squid (RM50)

This was previously known as Damansara Village. Not too sure about their history, perhaps they used to be somewhere in Damansara...

Paku Pakis (RM16)

We had dinner on a Saturday night, 7pm. It was surprisingly empty! An empty restaurant on a weekend and during prime time - something is not quite right.

Tom Yam Seafood (RM50)

I only realised it during the meal why is it so empty... Their dishes are awfully expensive and does not fetch a great value! Take a look at this tom yam.. It's RM50, served with really tiny prawns no bigger than my pinky after peeling off the shell! For RM50, that's a joke. It'd be nice to give lesser seafood but higher grade ones since you're already charging that kind of price anyway.

Kembong Fish Platter (RM31)

Are you kidding me for that price. Those fish are the tiny, cheap, dried ones served with just vegetables!

Hot & Sour Crab (RM170) & Mantau (RM7)

I swear we just got scammed. Those crabs are no larger than typical medium ones!

Glass Noodle with Prawns (RM50)

Yes RM50 for hang on where on earth is the prawn??? Oh there you go, I see your little butt popping out. It's just not fair to charge such unreasonable price for tiny prawns??? This is the most pathetic version I've ever had!

Fried Lala (RM25)

Tilapia (RM50)

Really tiny fish, probably a size of an iPhone 7 Plus or slightly smaller!

Coconut Ice Cream (RM9.50)

It costs around RM80 per pax. If you want a small discount, do book them on OffPeak. As we were about to leave, a few tour buses arrived and tourists started flocking in at about 9pm. An empty place where there are only 1-2 tables of locals says a lot. Expensive place to cater tour groups.. Please avoid.

Likes: Location?
Dislikes: Lousy quality food, expensive, hardly any locals, only catered for tourists. For that kind of price that we are paying, there are so many other better Thai restaurants to choose

Imbi Village Restaurant
32, Jalan Utara
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 11am - 2.30am
Sun 11am - 12am
Imbi Village Restaurant on Facebook

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