Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Cafe Bar Campus Кафе-Бар Кампус

We had some Muslim friends with us so they arranged Lebanese cuisine for the night. In Russia, it is almost impossible to find a restaurant that is completely Halal. This restaurant is pork free; they serve typical Lebanese food which is pretty much similar in the Middle East Region. I'm not too well-versed in that area and I can't tell the difference, just like how Westerners are not able to tell the type of Chinese cuisine. Anyway here in Campus, I believe everything else is Halal except the alcohol that they serve.

People here in the restaurant (and also Russia) are very open-minded. This place turns into a mini club that blasts out music after dinner hours. Expect to see hot belly dancers with beautiful curves!! Well, these two pretty ladies were hired to entertain us (just to shake their booties - don't think too much!)

Honestly I have no idea what are these. The ones wrapped with leaves tasted too interesting for me to take another bite. The rest are familiar - fried spring rolls, fried samosas, Caesar's salad and some pizza like bread with toppings.

This deep fried cauliflower is amazing. Never knew cauliflower could be crispy like crisps!

Mixed kebab. I think I've had better ones in London....

Tea is served after dinner - such an impressive manner, like a red carpet grand opening for food.

Fruits - it would be nice with a shot of Kirsch!!

Baklava and sweets to go with tea.

Likes: Interesting food and they are all above average - loved the cauliflower fries. Presentation is beautiful, performances are fantastic - the belly dancers are very good. 
Dislikes: We were not properly introduced on the food, though it's a function it has to be informative for those who are eating it.

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