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Coquo Restaurant & Wine Bar

Baby Squid Tempura (RM27)

Normal deep fried squid with a nice creamy sauce, didn't find it fabulous? To be honest, most Chinese tai chow can fry tempura squid with no issues, and for that price you'll get triple of what you get here. But to be fair - we can't compare street food to casual dining.

Will not order again.

Slipper Lobster Ceviche (RM34)

One of the better dishes, sourish reminds me of laksa. Very fusion dish fish, reminds me of Filipino's specialty.

Will order again, this is not too bad.

Smoked Cecina (RM29)

If you want to eat meat that has a texture like plastic by all means please get this.

Will not order again...

Escalivada (RM24)

Cheapskate salad for that price, just a couple of leaves and onions you can whip up at home??? Really nothing so special that is worth that price... A friend commented and said she had Escalivada in Tapas Brindisa and this is no match for it.

If you want to be ripped off, please order this.

Because I won't.

Prawn Carpaccio (RM38)

This turned out of be one of my favourite among all dishes. Cheap ingredients but it's worth the price considering the effort they put to slice the prawns and prepare the "fake caviar" made out of flavours. This is the only dish that I would say is worth putting on the table. In terms of flavouring, it is lack of laksa flavours, so mild that I only taste the prawns and oil more like it.

Will order again.

Also, notice the fake caviar melts really quickly. It's very squishy, the moment you scoop it, it breaks apart and looks like a pile of junk rather than in tact caviar. It's very creative, but there is still room for improvement.

Confit Mushroom (RM27)

Mushrooms served with kampung egg and bean curd skin. Did not think this was great but edible. the taste are all clashing with each other, so confused between sweet, savoury and then there's pine nuts. Nothing impressive.

Will I order again? Maybe.

Chilli Crab Tortellini (RM39)

Also one of the better dishes. It's so fusion that I thought I was having Chinese crab dumplings. You can get Crab Xiao Long Bao for half the price at Din Tai Fung!

Will I order again? Maybe.

Smoked Octopus (RM36)

Very tender octopus and mild smoked flavours which is alright. Served with potatos; didn't think it was the right combi for me... I prefer it mashed.... Guess its subjective for everyone.

Will I order again? Yes. Just gonna leave those potatoes to rot.

Vegetarian ravioli on the house. Verdict? Not bad actually, they used pumpkin / buttersquash as the filling of the ravioli so it's really sweet and refreshing.

Iberico Tartare (RM52)

Bitter sweet feeling about the ever popular raw pork. It does not feel "raw" at all, all I could taste was rubbery, smokey meat. You either love it or you don't. I think I stand in between. For the price to try, it wasn't too bad.

But this will not be a repeat order.

Baby Lamb (RM52)

Worst item for the night. Possible the worst. That one dish nobody wanted after one bite because it was really super smelly/gamey!! Curry powder on top of stinky meat - this is definitely the worst idea of all time. The pungent and curry taste did not mix well.

Will NEVER order again. Just thinking of how it makes me want to puke.

Duck Rilette (RM28)

Let's start with... Crispy duck is crispy. But we have a problem with the salt garnishing on top. I'm guessing the salt was supposed to make up for the bland meat but it did not mix well, only the skin was salty. No point having crispy salty skin when the meat is bland. Vegetables were not properly cooked either. Eating this was painful, like sprinkling salt into my mouth before taking a bite of the food.

Will never order again.

Suckling Pig (RM43)

This was supposed to be a star and everybody's favourite; a friend had this multiple times on different visits and she said it is a must. However, this was done so badly that day she did not like it herself. Why? The pork was really smelly / gamey, the pork aftertaste was horrible.

Goodbye pork. Till we meet again, or never.

I don't even know why I bother stating what I'll have again, because I won't return again. There were more misses than hits.

The waitress who took our order was very adamant that we have to order 2 of each to have a better experience. We came in a party of 5 and the above was clearly enough for us. Nobody know our quota better than ourselves, right? She was very persistent and asked at least 3 times even though we turned her down.

Had we ordered 2 of each of the above, I can imagine how much food we will waste by the end of the night. Waste of our money, time and calories.

Secondly, we called to ask about the corkage and the answer was RM80 PER bottle. We reconfirmed it again a few times before ordering, and staffs still said it's RM80. We took their words and told them to open our bottle of wine (slightly larger than usual wine bottles, but it still fits the criteria they mentioned over the phone and in store - PER bottle). 

Shortly after, the waitress came and said they have to charge more because it's a bigger bottle but the Chef said it's okay, just open. Our assumption is the chef had agreed to rm80 corkage, afterall we brought just one bottle. Chef offered drinks to us; but that is not the point. We're not after your drinks, we are more concerned about what you plan to charge us.

When the bill arrived, the transaction was RM80x2 because our bottle of wine is larger than usual (well we already knew the fact that the bottle is larger, but according to your words it is RM80 per bottle, there was no hidden T&Cs stating anything else!). This was a clear example of us being treated unfairly, because they were the ones who stated PER bottle and also the chef agreed to that. Only to find out these people are cheaters who will not keep their words. They even have the guts to argue and claimed that they did not say that. Good reason for me to blacklist this place and never return again. Becareful if you're bringing your own wine, these people do not keep their words and have the tendency to charge something different from what they have agreed.

Also, we had to refill our glasses from time to time because their servers are always no where to be seen. Out of 10 times they probably refilled 1-2 times? Not only we have to pay double corkage, we need to do double work to have our glasses filled. Nail it!

I recalled the fee was supposed to include charges to use their glass, sommelier to pour it, help us to pair our food. Please, other than using their glasses the charge was for nothing else. And what sommelier? I see no sommelier.

As much as I think their casual dining is a good idea, but the management is rubbish. Also, for one who never takes criticism on his food and find their food to be the best of the best? Nah.

Signing off, 
Clearly unhappy customers.

Likes: Location? I don't even know what I like about them after such a bad experience.
Dislikes: SUPER arrogant staffs, subpar food (more misses than hits), not worth paying for (if the food is good, money is not a problem), corkage rule which is in the grey area and they do not keep their words on what they charge, staffs don't even bother to refill our glass and we had to do it ourselves (so why charge us corkage again?), pushy & rude staff who wants us to order based on what she thinks

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