Sunday, June 18, 2017

Crossing Bridge Noodle 过桥米线

Guo Qiao Mi Xian (RM16++)

Raw, thinly sliced ingredients to drop into the piping hot soup. Ingredients are not the best, the carrots, corn and pea is just cheapskate.

Unfortuntely, their concept is just flawed. If you want to bring in Chinese food, please do it right. In Yunnan, soup bowls are served on thick ceramic bowls or claypot to ensure it's still boiling. This is because the ingredients are mostly raw and we need the heat to cook the raw items... Soup temperature fail!

This is what I've had in Yunnan a while ago. Very hot broth, paired with premium ingredients.

Xiao Guo Mi Xian (RM13++)

Nothing close to what I call authentic. Wrong broth, wrong ingredients. The broth is supposed to be redder from Chinese pickles - not orange. Even redder with a scoop of chilli. Who on earth uses carrots, it should be Chinese chives????

This is how a typical home made Xiao Guo Mi Xian looks like. Picture taken from this page.

This is a typical bowl of XGMX when you dine outside. It shouldn't look too far off. But look at the bowl of orange broth they serve here??? Totally cannot make it...

Spicy Beef (RM10++)

This was even more difficult to eat. It was just hard and tough. They served pickled cucumbers on the house which was quite crunchy and appetising. Other than that, everything else we paid for did not make it. Good try though.

Likes: Nothing. Possibly just the cucumbers.
Dislikes: Everything. Stop marketing themselves as Yunnan Xiao Guo / Guo Qiao when it looks and tastes nothing like it. I'm totally fine if this is "just another noodle house". But please don't insult my favourite Xiao Guo Mi Xian...

Crossing Bridge Noodle 过桥米线
Atria Shopping Gallery
Petaling Jaya
47400 Selangor
Opening Hours
Daily 11am - 10pm
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