Friday, June 16, 2017

Dai Shu Geok

We came for their supposedly "famous" Yong Tau Foo... They are so proud of it that you can see a signboard hanging at the corner that says "We have no branch in  KL".

But to be honest? I'm glad you haven't got a branch in KL. Your YTF is not covered with anything, flies are all over the place, the YTF is cooked with overly used recycled oil (hence the oily stench), and it's just not as good as the ones in KL. I'm guessing those who says this is good, loves their food covered with flies and cooked with recycled oil?!

P/S: So what if the YTF is cheap? Cheap doesn't mean food quality is good. If it's too cheap you should worry about the quality; they need to cut cost somewhere to charge a lower price. *coughs* oil *coughs*

The "famous" lou shu fun? I've never had anything so bad like this before. The noodle and broth just didn't go together well. I didn't really like the bland curry taste; it was so difficult to eat that even an avid lou shu fun lover can't make herself eat more than 3 bites. Then again, perhaps the crowd who visits this place love their food bland.

I only noticed the flies around the YTF only when we were about to leave. Otherwise, I wouldn't have ordered...

On a positive note, we noticed a queue. Out of curiosity, we went over to check it out and guess what?!

SIEW YUK!!!! My hopes went up again for this place because of siew yuk. We joined the bandwagon and queued for 10 minutes.

We spent another hour on the road before arriving at our hotel.. Who would have thought that the siew yuk is still good after so long???

We paid about RM10 for 500 grams. The pork skin was still very crispy and it was definitely worth the wait! This box for RM10, I think it's very reasonable!

Likes: Siew Yuk. Prices are reasonable. 
Dislikes: Yong Tau Foo, Curry Lou Shu Fun. Not everything is good. Parking is an issue..

Dai Shu Geok (Big Tree Foot)
Jalan King, Off Jalan Pasir Pinji
31650 Perak
Opening Hours
Daily 8.30am - 5.30pm 


  1. There seem to be a branch in SS2

    1. Apparently it's the pirated store hahaha but I'm not sure.. Cos I went to Ipoh in June and that's what the signboard says! :D