Monday, June 26, 2017

Imbi Village Restaurant

Steam Squid (RM50)

This was previously known as Damansara Village. Not too sure about their history, perhaps they used to be somewhere in Damansara...

Paku Pakis (RM16)

We had dinner on a Saturday night, 7pm. It was surprisingly empty! An empty restaurant on a weekend and during prime time - something is not quite right.

Tom Yam Seafood (RM50)

I only realised it during the meal why is it so empty... Their dishes are awfully expensive and does not fetch a great value! Take a look at this tom yam.. It's RM50, served with really tiny prawns no bigger than my pinky after peeling off the shell! For RM50, that's a joke. It'd be nice to give lesser seafood but higher grade ones since you're already charging that kind of price anyway.

Kembong Fish Platter (RM31)

Are you kidding me for that price. Those fish are the tiny, cheap, dried ones served with just vegetables!

Hot & Sour Crab (RM170) & Mantau (RM7)

I swear we just got scammed. Those crabs are no larger than typical medium ones!

Glass Noodle with Prawns (RM50)

Yes RM50 for hang on where on earth is the prawn??? Oh there you go, I see your little butt popping out. It's just not fair to charge such unreasonable price for tiny prawns??? This is the most pathetic version I've ever had!

Fried Lala (RM25)

Tilapia (RM50)

Really tiny fish, probably a size of an iPhone 7 Plus or slightly smaller!

Coconut Ice Cream (RM9.50)

It costs around RM80 per pax. If you want a small discount, do book them on OffPeak. As we were about to leave, a few tour buses arrived and tourists started flocking in at about 9pm. An empty place where there are only 1-2 tables of locals says a lot. Expensive place to cater tour groups.. Please avoid.

Likes: Location?
Dislikes: Lousy quality food, expensive, hardly any locals, only catered for tourists. For that kind of price that we are paying, there are so many other better Thai restaurants to choose

Imbi Village Restaurant
32, Jalan Utara
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 11am - 2.30am
Sun 11am - 12am
Imbi Village Restaurant on Facebook

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