Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Kigawa 浪速割烹 喜川

Choose your own sake glass... It was my first experience, it's usually standard glasses pretty much everywhere else but it's special here.. I guess it's a form of interaction with customers?

I picked a pretty looking glass which resembles a tiny vase.

#1 - Kelp soup in cubic rice crackers

Clear rice like soup. It is served in a little cup, like a size of a teacup.

#2 - Whitebait, wasabi sprout, taro stem, seaweed sauce, pounded yam, radish

Wobbly white little fish with a combination of the above, rather refreshing.

#3 - (a) Yam, yolk of and egg, sardine; lightly battered egg yolk, nothing like Chinese version and I find the sardine to be very sweet and fresh! The only sardines I've had were the ones from the can... First time having such fresh sardines!
(b) Boiled rape blossoms in Japanese broth; i thought the greens were sweet... never had these type of greens before...
(c) Squid paste & sea urchin paste; the jelly like rubbery paste was a huge surprise - it tasted like the real one except the texture is softer.. I would gladly have more of those jelly!
(d) Soybeans & Yuzu; soybeans are normal, but became a lot nicer with yuzu sauce... It's much more citrus-y and sweeter.
(e) Deep fried pond smelt; this was certainly my favourite - it tasted like fried chicken!
(f) Carrot - nicely shaped carrot and that's about it...
(g) Ocellated octopus - Just... octopus???

#4 - Special sashimi

These sashimi aren't regular sashimis, they are sashimis topped with different types of herbs. The most memorable one would be the bottom left - it's topped with sansho pepper and it's certainly not for everybody. I think I prefer having normal sashimi.. This is far too interesting for me...

#5 - Clear soup with shrimp ball, bamboo shoot, Japanese parsley, bracken and dill

Clear soup - very fresh shrimp flavour from the ball with a hint of the other greens in it. Luckily the bamboo shoot used in this soup was freshly sliced and not the preserved ones where you normally get in China (it stinks!!). I believe this soup helped to clear the raw fish flavours off.

#6 - Dried sole, bitter orange, shitake mushroom, candied bitter orange peel, Takayama Mizuna green (potherb mustard)

The orange used in this dish was strong, and I really like it that way. At least it wasn't just a boring piece of fish.

#7 - Rolled sea break in leek, Takayama Mana green (edible wild plants), wheat gluten, shrimp shaped taro

Nothing much, expect it tasted a little bit like Chinese tofu dish wrapped with meat.

#8 - Grilled Naniwa Osaka beef topped with soft cod roe, wild watercress, Kawachi lotus roots
This was the only disappointment for the day - the beef slices were way too tough! Was it meant to be like that I'm not sure. I felt like I was having hard chewy rubber? The rest of the items which came with the beef were nicely flavoured with the brown-teriyaki like sauce.

#9 - Mandatory rice, miso soup and pickles. If I remember correctly they ran out of young burdock.

#10 - Frozen Yogurt in Japanese citrus

"There is always room for desserts". Especially when it comes to FROYO! Fresh froyo with orange bits... Too good!

Tea & sweets to end the meal.

Lunch lasted for almost 2 hours....

Down the alley from the busy Dotonburi...

I thought the price was reasonable for so many dishes. It was not the original menu we had selected; the "special menu" was offered by the chef when we arrived.

1-7-7, Dotonbori
Opening Hours
Daily 11.30am - 2pm; 5pm - 9.30pm
Closed on Mondays

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