Sunday, June 4, 2017

Lima London

One-star Michelin Peruvian food in London - simply the best option if you can't afford to fly to Peru!

We opted for Set Long Lunch, £35 per pax which is totally worth it! I thought I would have to select a starter from the list, but NO, we got all of it! They come in tasting portion sizes, which is totally fine. Both of us had lamb for  main and again, both desserts for us! Technically speaking, this is a 6-course meal brunch set...

Make it 7! Started off with bread with dip and tiger's milk (if I remember correctly).

Tiger's milk, not literally, tasted a little creamy, milky, sourish, savoury. It's actually quite adventurous, nothing of what I could compare to what I've had before.

Mixed Ceviche - Tuna, Octopus, Sea Bream with Cusco Corn, Heritage Tomato, Traditional Tiger's Milk

Every dish is too pretty to eat... This is my favourite of all three - love the freshness of the seafood!

Asparagus Causa, Tree Tomato, Yellow Potato

A plate of vegetable mess! Three types of potato, and very colourful indeed.

Cobia Fish Tiradito, Yellow Tiger's Milk, Squid Ink Tiger's Milk

This is a little challenging for those who don't normally take raw food. It's a bit too fishy for my friend but I find it to be alright.

Lamb Seco, Pumpkin Fritter

Very tender lamb, just a small piece but it was actually quite filling with the sides. The mushy green thingy came with even more lamb, like pulled lamb mixed with lots of greens and potatoes?

Summer Leaf Salad, Goat's Cheese, Pomegranate, Fresh Fig

I didn't like this at all - the fig was too fresh and too sweet for me... It was so sweet I couldn't take another bite. On top of that, I don't take goat's cheese so it made this dish almost inedible for me. I have no clue what dressing that was, it tasted too weird too. I don't know how to explain it as I've never had such unique taste before. I could not even finish 3/4 of this salad, I would definitely pick rockets (well I dislike rockets too) over this.

Broccoli, Apple Vinegar, Red Pepper, Almond

This was much better - broccoli is crunchy and sweet.

Peruvian Doughnuts, Eucalyptus Syrup & Alfajores, Dulce de Leche Ice Cream

The desserts are possibly the best of all!! Peruvian donuts did not differ much more normal donuts, but the alfajores were really super good! It was my first time having such cookie - it's soft and it melts in the mouth!

Some cocktails to go with our meal.

An interesting place to try Peruvian food if you're broke and have no money to fly all the way to Peru for it...

Likes: Beautiful plating, something different, reasonable price for Sunday brunch
Dislikes: Could probably work on service upon entering. We had no intention to take photos for publication but they interrogated us as though we had some ill intention.

1 Rathbone Pl,
London W1T 1JH
United Kingdom
Opening Hours
Monday 5.30pm - 10.30pm
Tues-Sat 12pm - 10.30pm
Sun 12pm - 9.30pm

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