Monday, June 12, 2017

Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum 明阁香港点心

One of the better coffee shop dimsums I've had so far; they claim to serve HK style dimsum. I'm not sure how close in terms of taste, the last time I went to HK for dimsum was almost 10 years ago.

Their siu mais are surprisingly worth a mention. I normally would avoid siu mais because it's just a chunk of frozen meat ordered by the restaurant and steamed upon orders. Here, they make their own siu mai. I only noticed it when I was waiting for a table. We ordered 2 types - the original which comes with a shrimp, and the mushroom one. Both are very fresh and crunchy, bite sized so it's not too huge.

Another one is the cheong fun. It's silky smooth!

The rest of the items are just normal, fried fish balls, ribs, brinjal, fried bean curd, lo mai kai. I thought they were pretty normal.

Ming Court is just opposite the famous Foh San; I did not check it out because it was definitely too touristy.

Some of their food and prices.

For this price it's reasonable; RM 24 per pax and we were stuffed. Happily stuffed like the siu mai. :D Will definitely return again if I visit Ipoh!

P/S: Don't even think of reservations, it's first come first serve, you find your own spot.

Likes: Gives you a feeling of childhood where you have to secure your table by "no queue", just wait at the table (some may see this as a negative point), reasonably priced food and good quality dimsum
Dislikes: The place is so popular that getting seats for 2 is very very difficult

Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum
32, Jalan Leong Sin Nam
Kampung Jawa
30300 Perak
Opening Hours
Daily 6am - 1pm
Closed on Thursdays

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