Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ong Kee Restaurant 安记芽菜鸡沙河粉

Half chicken, a plate of beansprout, a plate of rice, a cup of drink costs RM35 in total.

Ong Kee is one of the two famous shops in Ipoh for chicken rice. It's so famous that they are completely overrated. I've had this a couple of years back when I visited Sg. Siput for a friend's wedding. It looks nothing like what I recalled it to be. It is so beautifully commercialised, catered for tourists now.

The famous chicken is actually soaked with soy sauce and sesame oil. I haven't got a clue why is the chicken deemed yummy when it's the lowest grade tasteless chicken. I also recalled the beansprouts to be very fat and short, which is no longer as fat and juicy anymore...

Honestly, it's just another chicken rice shop for me. There are plenty of chicken rice shops in Klang Valley that scores better than them so I don't see the need to flock to the place just for chicken rice... But if you've never tried it, do check it out... If you can't decide between Ong Kee and Lou Wong.. Just pick either or - they are both equally average, so it doesn't really matter. Please don't have high expectations when you visit - you've been warned.

Likes: Very fast
Dislikes: Average, overrated food - really nothing special at all. Very terrible service. Expect sarcasm or scoldings from the old people who manages the place.... I think it's pretty normal from any old folk.

Ong Kee Ipoh
48 Jalan Yau Tet Shin
Taman Jubilee
30300 Perak
Opening Hours 
Daily 10.30am - 2am

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