Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Russian Empire ресторан Ампир

Russian Empire is utilising part of Stroganov Palace as a restaurant. According to the guide, these underground rooms at the restaurant are actually real historical dungeons located inside the palace itself. They preserved the place really well making it so picture worthy.

We had our vodka and caviar tasting in the dungeon itself, which is normally not permitted but we were given an exception?

We got a set of each which includes: Vodka, caviar, pancakes, berry juice.

The place was actually too small to cater so many of us, but we managed it anyway. Red caviar and yellow caviar. The red ones looks just like ikura, but apparently it's different. I admit I don't really know the difference; for I rarely even eat ikura as I dislike it. Back to the caviar; to be honest I'm still learning to appreciate; keyword is learning. It's practically just little stuff that's salty, but goes well with sour cream and the pancakes. Well I'm not sure how to grade the quality but it was a pleasure to have it.

There is one room in the dungeon, which is apparently the King's hideout when he wants to drink in his dungeon. According to the guide, the Queen hates it when he drinks so this is his secret little hideout.

This room is available for rent, just contact the restaurant directly.

There is only one room in the dungeon though, expect to pay a hefty price if you really want to stay here.

Whiskey dispenser.

Back to the main dining hall for dinner. This feels like a super grand meeting table in the palace...

Beef Tartare

A bit too raw for me. It's perfect if you like the raw taste of beef. It's really fresh but I think this is not for everyone.

Surprise sturgeon caviar - this wasn't part of our menu but was added on to it. Interesting... We were also given a shot of Beluga vodka to go with our caviar. I did not think the vodka was specifically for the caviar, Russians drink vodka practically for every thing they do.

This was the only disappointment for the night. How can they use rockets as the main ingredient for a salad.... Not everybody likes rockets and I happen to be one of them....

Some berry sorbet to increase appetite. I think it's almost unlikely that our appetite will improve any further - we have already touched our quota... The yummy pancakes have already expanded by then! The pancakes are so delicious that I finished almost all of it, which I shouldn't have. That left me very little space for the main course.

Finally, the main course - the fish pie which most of us did not finish. It's such a shame because it was really good. It's a combination of 2-3 fishes and it's apparently on of the traditional dishes in Russia?

Madeleine to end the dinner.

Likes: Classy, beautiful, feeling like a king, top class service, a bit pricey but I felt it was worth it for the overall experience. It's not always that we can dine in a palace....
Dislikes: Actually nothing, this place is just wonderful

Russian Empire ресторан Ампир
Nevsky Avenue,
17, Sankt-Peterburg,
Russia, 191186
Russian Empire's Page

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