Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tao Xiang Fish Head Noodles 陶香肉骨茶魚頭米粉

There are not many options to eat around this area, and I found this place online. According to reviews, their fish head noodle is good/above average! So we waited patiently for it, ordered Roasted Pork from the lorry right outside the shop. RM10 for this portion, not too bad I guess. It turned out to be delicious in fact - the skin was crispy and crackling. 

Since the place was packed and most people ordered the noodles, I had expected it to be good. But I was WRONG.

We ordered the fresh and fried fish noodle. Fresh fish was not very fresh after all - it was so fishy. Soup was milky and that was about it. No Chinese rice wine to mask the unfresh fish!!

The fried fish was a disaster. It was covered with really, really thick batter. Obviously the fish wasn't fresh already even before deep frying it, frying it is a good way to kill the unfresh taste. Unfortunately that did not happen. On top of that, the oil they had use was probably recycled so many times it smelt really bad. Due to the condition of the inedible fish, soaking it into the broth made it undrinkable!!

I'm guessing people patron because the prices are really affordable - one pot is good for 2 pax even though they said it's "Small" and "meant for one". One claypot costs around RM8-RM9 which is really cheap in Klang Valley. They also added conventional fish bals and fu chuk to make up for their awful fish and somewhat bland broth.

Happy to try it out once, so that I know that I won't return again....

Likes: Roast pork, which is not even from this shop. It's from the lorry outside the shop. Portions are huge for the price, generous ingredients
Dislikes: It's really cheap but for fish head noodles standards? It will definitely hit Top 10 Worst Fish Head Noodles in Klang Valley. Generous ingredients but they are either unfresh or conventional processed food

Tao Xiang 
2, Jalan Tiong Nam 5
Chow Kit
50350 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 6am - 5.30pm

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