Monday, July 31, 2017

PMK Dessert 半山芭大华茶粿

This shop has been around for years now - not sure how long exactly.l It's located in Pudu, one of the lanes from Pudu Plaza. They offer a variety of Malaysian desserts - angku, Malay kuih, fried radish cake, Hakka abacus beads, and the list goes on. One of my favourite is the egg tea - possibly something you don't get out of Malaysia. Some of their desserts are quite bland but I would say the quality is rather inconsistent. Sometimes the bubur chacha is thick, sometimes it's really thin. Nevertheless, I'm always happy with my egg tea.

They restock their kuihs twice a day - for morning and evening shift. Once it runs out, it runs out.

I would normally take away instead of having it there - didn't like the place as it's not very clean and flies just can't stop sticking to humans. Such nuisance...

Likes: Reasonable price for the portion, lots of choices, fresh traditional kuihs
Dislikes: Dirty, parking is horrendous, food runs out very quickly so be there early morning or early evening (can't remember the second slot of restock - either 5pm or 6pm)

PMK Dessert
Jalan Kancil
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours 
Daily 2pm - 12am
Closed on Tuesdays

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Fan Cai Xiang 梵菜香素食馆

We came here for a birthday dinner celebration - family, of course. This place is a very family-friendly restaurant. They also have an elevator installed for those who needs it to up to the upper floor.

We arrived on time but they gave us a table of 8 when we had asked for a table for 10 pax. It was impossible to squeeze everyone into the really small table so we had to move upstairs. They allocated one staff to take care of us when it was just us occupying the whole floor. No issues with signalling staff, but communicating with them may be a bit of an issue as they don't speak anything local really well.

I love the eggplant dish - it was meant to mask "fried fish". A layer of crispiness on top of the soft eggplant.

Some of the dishes are rather standard which are mostly available in other restaurants, eg. the vegetarian pot (zai bou), the "sei dai tin wong" consisting of 4 different vegetables, braised tofu.

Vegetarian char siew - Our first order was really good because they cooked it longer so the sides were very crispy. We added a second portion but it was soft and soggy, unfortunately not as great as our first order.

All of us found every dish to be very nice - even without meat. Each dish that was meant to mask a meat was done beautifully, very creative and it gives vegan a wide range of selections to pick from.

However, there was one dish that did not make it - the sweet and sour "fried fish". The "fish" was okay, but the sweet and sour sauce was just bland and too starchy. 

Likes: Great vegetarian selections, creative dishes
Dislikes: Service could be improved (the owners are not quite friendly towards customers), insisted a small table is good fit for 10 when we specifically asked for the biggest table at the Ground floor

Fan Cai Xiang 梵菜香素食馆 
35G Plaza Danau 2,
Jalan 1/109f
Taman Danau Desa
58100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 11am - 3pm; 6pm - 10pm

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Hock Kee 福州小吃

The new booth @ Lot 10 Hutong selling traditional Fuchow food. Behind every shop, there's always a hidden story....

It is very common for Chinese ethnicity parents or grandparents to tell you how poor they were, selling ice cream, wearing 3rd hand clothes and all those stories. Here in Hock Kee, it all started with their grandmother who had to leave China for a better life and all she had was a jar of homemade red wine from her mother.

This jar of red wine is considered to be a very precious gift as people were poor back then and money was not really an option. 

The jar of red wine does wonders. It's not your typical Merlot. It's Chinese rice wine which is red-ish in colour. It is the main ingredient in their signature dish, Red vinasse Chicken Mee Suah.

According to Jeassy, all their family members have learnt how to cook their traditional dishes as they do not want to lose the Fu Chow part of them. It took her a while to successfully prepared the red wine. It does make me feel guilty for a moment that I haven't actually had much effort to inherit the Hakka side of me.

Hock Chew Peanut Soup (RM5)

As I'm a Hakka decent, I've never actually ventured into Fook Chow food before. It was my first time having this peanut soup which turns out to be surprisingly good, a little different from the usual tong sui. It's so different because I normally have peanut soup, the savoury style.

Hock Chew Chicken Mee Sua (RM15)

Make sure you try this signature dish - the broth is very flavourful, love the taste of the red wine!

The thick and thin noodle. The thick noodle is used for the dry and the thinner version is for the soup.

Hock Chew Dry Mee Suah (RM10.50)

The fillings of the tofu are homemade - a mixture of fish and meat stuffed into the tofu. I could have the stuffed tofu by itself - it's really springy!

The red wine is not only for the soup - it's also used to marinate the pork as well. The stirred fry red vinasse pork with sliced ginger is very well marinated and it goes really well with rice!

Next to it would be the braised pork with garlic and herbs. Both dishes are best to go with rice. 

As much as they try to prepare everything from scratch - sometimes it's not that easy. The Fuzhou Fishballs (RM9) is sourced by a supplier - but fret not, the quality is guaranteed to be good! For those of you who loves Go Noodle's bursting ball - it has the same bursting effect. In fact the filling tastes so similar, I thought it was from the same supplier!

I was so in love with their food that I had to go back the following day to grab another bowl of noodle. The broth is really nice, I finished every drop of it! It's quite rare to get Fuzhou food in Klang Valley, or in the city centre at least. 

Now you know where to go if you crave for Fuzhou food (Sitiawan flavours, as the family is from Sitiawan). It never occur to me to visit Sitiawan for food - I will definitely make a trip there some day! To those who are really interested, Sitiawan is not far from Pangkor so do slot some dining sessions in Sitiawan if you're heading to Pangkor!

Likes: Authentic Fuzhou food, affordable prices
Dislikes: Very difficult to get a table in this food court, it's always packed!

Hock Kee 福州小吃
Lot 10
Kuala Lumpur

This post is brought to you by Hock Kee.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mantra Rooftop Bar and Lounge

The rooftop bar at Bangsar Village oversees the neighbourhood a tiny KLCC & KL Tower. Their bar bites are very popular, at least we saw plates on almost everybody's tables. I did not order any, but my friends tried and they loved it. I had a bite of the tiny soft shell crab - so crispy and addictive you won't even think of it as a crab!

They also serve shisha - the very expensive ones that goes from at least RM100. They also take forever to prepare the mix, like creating some bomb in the laboratory lab... Be very patient, as it probably takes 30 minutes or so? It's definitely 5x the price of usual shishas, all for the beautiful bong and "smoother" puff (that's what they described).

Their cocktails are Klang Valley's standard rates, which is around RM30-RM45? Some are strong, some are too fruity and sweet.

I honestly can't remember the fancy names I've had, but the appearance of each drink seems to be very unique. Especially this metal mug with a plastic, like a typical Mamak stall takeaway.. I thought it's a little too unique for me, I'm fine having it in a proper glass!

Like this!

The only drink I remember - Pisang Colada. It's apparently one of the popular ones but I did not like it. It's like milk shake with alcohol - it's so filling that I probably can't drink anymore by the time I'm done with this.. Not sure it's a good or bad idea though!

Likes: Nice comfortable rooftop bar, some cocktails are worth it (just can't remember which one), possibly one of the better places to hangout in Telawi
Dislikes: Overpriced bottles, not all cocktails are worth the price, can't really view sunset since the bar is facing the East

Mantra Rooftop Bar and Lounge  
Lot R-E, Bangsar Village 2
2, Jalan Telawi 1
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 4.30pm - 1.30am
Mantra Rooftop Bar and Lounge's Page
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Chalet Suisse Restaurant

Possibly the only place in Klang Valley that serves authentic cheese fondue. Not like I've ordered cheese fondue, but someone else did. Those in Klang Valley are mostly the ones which have been altered to fit local's tastebuds but not this place. I've tried various places and when I finally had my first dosage in Switzerland, it was different. The authentic cheese fondue is very different and it may not attract the local crowd.

Sorbet to cleanse our palate and increase our appetite before our heavy main course.

I was here for a roast lamb gathering dinner, but I was not interested in the lamb so I've opted for beef instead. This reminds me of childhood... Where food is just regular food and nothing molecular... It's usually a treat whenever we get to have steak back in those days! The one reason I like this place; it is very simple and it brings back childhood memories. 

Just a simple bowl of ice cream and fruits. Topped with a shot of Kirsch. I never knew that this could make this fruit bowl so delicious!! It's just a hint of alcohol along with fruits and ice cream.

Chalet Suisse Restaurant  
Jalan 1 & Jalan Ampang Utama 1/1,
One Ampang Avenue
68000 Ampang
Opening Hours
Daily 5.30pm - 11pm
Closed on Mondays
Chalet Suisse Restaurant's Page

Monday, July 17, 2017

Absolute Thai

It has been so long since I've visited Absolute - they are practically everywhere now... Mostly in shopping malls. I always thought they should be ok as their quality of the branch at The Gardens is very good.

Little did I know the quality cannot be trusted at Times Square... None of the food is acceptable... Fried pandan chicken is soaked with oil - they did not even bother to drain it before serving. The greasiness is just disgusting.

What kind of tom yum soup is totally not a bit spicy at all. I'm not even a chilli person to begin with, what would chilli people think then.... Also, the presentation is somewhat sad - did not even bother to garnish with coriander leaves.

I thought the fish was unfresh and it tasted a bit funny.... And this wasn't wee bit spicy either. It was just plain sour...

I don't think I want to go on about their food - not worth talking about and will definitely not return. The quality, the spices are all balanced when we had our meal at The Gardens... Clearly we did not experience the same here.

Likes: None
Dislikes: Did not live up to standards - at least their quality differs by branch. Pricey and not worth the money.

Absolute Thai
Berjaya Times Square
Opening Hours
Daily 10am - 10pm
Absolute Thai's Page
Absolute Thai on Facebook

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Restoran Stadium Negara

The very popular chicken wings... Not as popular as Jalan Alor's but they are probably number 2!

This place is famous for seafood so order fried lala! So sad that they ran out of balitong. As an alternative, you can always bring your own and they will cook it for you!

Fried time having deep fried squid balls! Crunchy layer outside with a juicy and tender inside. Never thought that squid balls can be that good...

Steamed chicken with ginger - I really like the ginger paste but didn't think it went well with chicken. I would probably prefer it to be fish instead of chicken.

Their popular egg wrap with lettuce. Every kid's favourite...

Pork free version of Hokkien Mee which is really close to the pork version!!

Crabs are also very popular - curry crab, kam heong, etc. Sadly, I'm a very lazy person so I don't eat crabs. I would usually have the sauce and mantau instead.

They used to be located at Stadium Negara, but moved on to Yap Kwan Seng, hence the name Restoran Stadium Negara. They don't really have a name it seems!

There's also steamboat - but not recommended if you're ordering the cheap set (conventional meatballs & fishballs, processed meat, tiniest prawns and vegetables)

They have the old charcoal method for steamboat which is really nostalgic. It is only worth it if you're ordering their expensive seafood steamboat sets.

We brought our own fish and they cooked it for us with a small fee.

Do note that this is a pork free restaurant, which is why there are many Muslim customers too.

Likes: Great pork-free dishes, fresh seafood
Dislikes: Has to be expensive seafood if you're ordering hot pot

Restoran Stadium Negara  
Jalan Yap Kwan Seng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 5pm - 12am

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