Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bách Tùng Viên

We went for a short day trip about an hour from town. It was quite fortunate that our driver could speak in Chinese so communication was not a problem.

He brought us to this restaurant after the river tour, claiming that they serve very good chicken.

I thought it was just another chicken, nothing special at all. Contrary to that, I thought the seafood was more deserving that day.

Steamed rice - I actually prefer steamed rice as the texture is softer but not too "wet". 

Don't ask me how did I get there... Our driver brought us to the nearby restaurant after the tour. If you're impressed with the way they served that fish... Do liaise with your local driver to dine there... Seafood is really fresh!!

P/S: I did a google search and apparently this place is Halal. It did not cross my head that it's Halal as their cooking method is a mix between Vietnamese and Chinese.

Bach Tung Vien
Xóm Dầu,
Phường 3,
Thành phố Mỹ Tho,
Tiền Giang

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