Saturday, August 26, 2017


People rave about their breakfast plates, but here I am raving about their cocktails. I haven't had their brunch selections yet so I wouldn't know.

 Sweet Pea of Mine (RM39)

Very nice subtle jackfruit taste and may be a bit too sweet for some people.

 Ring My Bell (RM39)

It was too mild for me to remember the taste...

 Back to the Future (RM39)

Tastes a lot like Chinese herbal tea with alcohol... It's too weird for me.

 Stinging in the Bush (RM39)

The floral drink.

 Who Smoked the Hopper? (RM39)

Looks and tastes like After 8 chocolate!

 Holy Shiit-ake! (RM39)

Creative name, pretty glass, but it tastes exactly like mushroom. Not my kind of thing.

 Coco Like Jagger (RM39)

Drink was mild and sweet, but don't ever eat that cake. It has been laying around for days...

Stirred Down & Brown (RM39)

Definitely my favourite of all time - ice coated with coconut oil and the drink is potent! Not for you who wants it mild.

 Buttery & I Know It (RM39)

Too creamy for my likings.

Customised cocktail #1

There was nothing memorable about this - it tasted weird.

Customised Hot Cocktail... 

Something different from the usuals... Hot cocktail for the sick!

Guacamole Chips

Did not like the guacamole mix - It was just lack of something.

Fried Squid where the batter was uncooked.

Likes: Cocktails - try Stirred Down & Brown if you like it strong and not sweet. Sweet Pea of Mine if you like it strong and sweet.
Dislikes: Bar food

Birch DC Mall
Jalan Damanlela
Bukit Damansara
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Mon-Thurs 8am - 1am
Fri 8am - 2am
Sat 9am - 2am
Sun 9am - 5pm

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