Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sapsan Train Business Class - St. Petersburg to Moscow

Your other option to travel from St Pete to Moscow is by the "high speed" train. Please don't compare to those in Japan or China, this runs approximately 200km/h and they are really proud of it... It's a 4 hour train ride where they do have a few stops in between.

We were seated at the business quiet zone. Like any other trains, you get a seat, luggage space at the front, end and overhead compartments, coat hooks, tray tables. Pretty much similar to a flight experience.

We were given a choice between pork and (was it fish or chicken? I can't remember). I don't really have high hopes for food to be honest, it's just a train ride. 

The food was surprisingly okay - mexican style beans and rice, served with tender pork. Salad was refreshing and nice to nibble. Full fledged meal all served like a flight experience... We were also given a choice for drinks as well, which includes a full trolley of juices, soft drinks and alcohol selections.

Not forgetting desserts and coffee too!! You get to select the desserts as well... I opted for the chocolate ball.

Enjoy the view... It's so different from what you expect, it's literally scenes you see in Hollywood movies. Some parts are really old and abandoned little towns. I'm not sure if it's really abandoned or it's just old..

There is a bar area located in the train itself but I did not explore as I was well served; I didn't see it being necessary to go. I never expected this whole experience to be so comfortable; it was a complete surprise. A good one.

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